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Reggae Festival Guide

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           P.O. Box 920, Arcata, CA 95518                                       Publisher’s Letter


                  /ReggaeFestivalGuide                                          Reggae  Festival  Guide  magazine  aims  to
                                                                                provide not only the info needed to plan

                  @ReggaeFestivalGuide                                          your festival calendar, but also articles that

                  @ReggaeFestGuide                                              encompass  the  history,  lifestyle,  art  and

                                                                                latest  runnings  in  the  industry  to  inspire
                                           and resonate with reggae fans. Our editor

           PuBlisHeR                                                            did another excellent job this year culling

           Kaati                                                                editorial  of  interest  to  die-hards  and
                                         neophytes alike.

           editOR                                                               I  am  thrilled  to  include  a  Living  Legend

           Irene Johnson                                                        feature  on  one  of  my  top-favorite
                                                                                performers  of  all  time:  Toots  Hibbert  of

           desigN aNd PROduCtiON/                                               Toots and the Maytals. His songs are the
           WeBsite/e-guide editOR                                               only  reggae  songs  I  know  every  word

           Goran Petko/Aqua Design                                              to  (besides  Bob's,  of  course).  For  your

                                                                                listening  pleasure,  turn  up  the  volume
           editORial CONtRiButORs                                               and listen to Toots and the Maytals while

           Chuck Foster, Dr. Nathanael Heyman,                                  reading  this  magazine! We  are  going  to
           Tracey Heyman, Irene Johnson, Joana LeRoque,

           Lloyd Stanbury, Carter Van Pelt                                      alternate songs every few weeks, but we
                                                                                are  starting  out  with  “Time  Tough”  and
           PHOtO aNd aRt CONtRiButORs                                           will rotate in “Funky Kingston,” “54-46 Was

           © Lee Abel, ,,

           Marissa E. of Bulldog Media, Tracey Heyman,                          My Number” and other classics.
           Courtesy International Reggae Poster Contest,                        This  year’s  editorial  includes    several
           Courtesy Irish and Chin Inc., Justine Ketola,
           © Sista Irie Photography                                             features  specifically  related  to  festivals
                                                                                and  artists  performing  at  festivals.  Why
           adveRtisiNg sales                                                    this  focus?  In  the  industry  and  culture,

           Tom Andrews, Sean Bookman, Joana LeRoque
                                                                                reggae festivals provide us a cornerstone
           adMiNistRatiON/Festival CaleNdaR                                     to connect with the reggae community –

           Heather Penrod-Rudd                                                  something we look forward to each year.

           The opinions of the contributors are not necessarily                 Being a Cali Girl, I am surrounded by top-
           the views of RBA Publishing & Publicity Inc.                         notch reggae festivals that I love to attend,

                                                                                but  going  to  a  European  reggae  festival

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