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Reggae Festival Guide

 Publisher’s Letter

         has  long  been  on  my  bucket  list.  How

         cool would it be to go to the Seasplash

         Festival  in  Croatia,  Rototom  Sunsplash

         in  Spain  or  Uppsala  Reggae  Festival  in


         What  reggae  festivals  are  you  going

         to  this  summer?  Be  sure  to  tell  our

         520,000      Facebook  followers  and  share

         your photos with us. Whether at festivals,

         online  or  through  this  magazine,  let’s
         keep  developing  this  precious  reggae


         One Love,

         Kaati, Publisher                                                         FRONt COveR

                                                                                  Photo  by  ©  Lee  Abel.  The  living  soul  of

                                                                                  reggae,  Toots  Hibbert  performs  here  at
                                                                                  the  short-lived  Reggae  Rising  Festival  in

                                                                                  Northern  California.  Toots  is  credited  by
                                                                                  most  historians  with  creating  the  word

                                                                                  “reggae” in his 1968 hit with the Maytals,
                                                                                  “Do the Reggay.”

                                                                                  FRONt COveR PHOtOgRaPHeR

                                                                                  Lee  Abel  loves  Jamaica,  reggae  and

                                                                                  photography. One of our most recognized
                                                                                  reggae music photographers, her archives

                                                                                  span over 30 years.

                                                                                  Follow her on
                                                                                  Instagram @leeabelphotography

                                                                                  or contact her at

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