A Go-Fund-Me and a benefit for Tuff Lion

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Tuff Lion

Words from Tuff Lion describing the tragic fire that burned his home, studio and collection of instruments and music masters, much of which would have been a legacy to his children (and roots music fans the world over):

Beloved Family and Friends… It is with a very heavy heart that I share some life changing news with you… Yesterday, 11.01.16, I received a call from a relative to inform me that my house was on fire! I instinctively and immediately knew that the situation was serious as the residence is located in a rural area of Eastern Maryland and that the fire brigade would not be able to reach the house as quickly as a town based property. I was sent images of thick smoke coming through the upper level of the house with firefighters on scene. As I was not at the residence at the time of the fire, I felt a sinking feeling of loss as I knew the property was uninsured.

I was planning to return to my base within days of completing a physical therapy appointment for a very lengthy episode of back problems that included a visitation with “sciatica” in the mix.

The shock of it all has still not completely reached my inner core and will not disturb the meditations of faith that has carried Man through the hills and valleys that I-Man have experienced in my time on Earth. No doubt, there is something at work here that I may not yet real-eyez. I do know and believe that Jah has I close and spared life and health for a reason. Material things are manufactured each and every day so I am not too concerned about those losses, but I can share that my entire music library of many years is now lost forever… sessions upon sessions, master recordings and more. Studio recording gear was also lost to the flames. All things in my stationary material world suffered water, smoke and/or fire damage. Much of which, I hoped would be the inheritance I would leave for my youth.

Although I am and have been a very private person about elements of Man life, I share this with the universal family that I am a part of to say, I am officially “homeless.” Further, in an effort to help in this time of genuine and verifiable need I am thankful to Ones who have established this “Go Fund Me” campaign to help Man restore, recover and rebuild.

I share that this calendar year has brought many challenges in a manner that would tempt a weak heart to bawl out for mercy, but I have kept faith and focus on my Savior to deliver I from all such calamity. The total losses of the day are of no exception.

I am so comforted in knowing that as many read this, that prayers will be sent up that I may not even ask for and that I may receive an abundance of messages and reactions to my dilemma… Positively, I consider this an opportunity for many to show love by giving a humble offering. I am thanking all in advance who genuinely and sincerely care about Man as a person and a Brother.

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