A Music Business Development Perspective By Lloyd Stanbury

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Florida based Jamaican entertainment attorney and international music business consultant Lloyd Stanbury announces the release of his first book “REGGAE ROADBLOCKS, A Music Business Development Perspective”. The book is published by Abeng Press in Canada, and was officially made available on August 20 in digital e-book format as well as hard copies through Amazon, the Abeng Press official website nd Stanbury’s own official website. There is a full colour edition, as well as a black and white edition, both   including photographs taken by Austin Texas based photo     journalist Beverly “Sista Irie” Shaw.

According to Stanbury, REGGAE ROADBLOCKS discusses key issues that have affected the development of the business of Jamaican Reggae at both the local and international levels, as seen from his vantage point as an industry practitioner for over 30 years. The cultural and political environments that gave birth to, and affect the development of Reggae music are explored, and the attitudes of local music practitioners towards international music business structure, norms and trends are examined.     Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of Rastafari on the development and global marketing of Reggae music. 

REGGAE ROADBLOCKS is targeted at persons directly and    indirectly involved in the business of Reggae at the creative and representational levels, as well as the avid Reggae music fan. It also provides very interesting and informative insights for       students, academics, and policy makers with interest in music industry development from a developing country perspective in the context of increased globalization and digitization.

The book includes quotations and interview excerpts from several Reggae music practitioners and influencers, including Copeland Forbes, Chris Blackwell, Neville Garrick, Tanya Stephens, Etana, Dermot Hussey, Wayne Jobson, and others. 

On August 22, Stanbury made his first official public presentation of REGGAE ROADBLOCKS as a panel participant at the Reggae University sessions during Rototom Reggae Sunspash in     Benicassim, Spain.


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