Addis Pablo – Gideon Rockers – Thanks & Praise – In my Fathers House – available in February

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Addis Pablo

Addis Pablo, son of the legendary Augustus Pablo, is carrying on the torch from his father. He plays the melodica and keyboards in both the Roots Rock Reggae style as well as a modern somewhat new age production style. Addis and Jamal, Ras Jammy Layne, work as the Suns of Dub, a multi-faceted label, performing act and production company. They have been keeping the music works going. In addition to recording and production they have been doing many festivals and shows in Europe, Porto Rico and South America where the dub music is very well loved and supported. Addis works with live bands and does track shows. In his time his father Augustus Pablo was constantly recording and releasing his works to the world.

Last August Addis Pablo performed on Reggae on the River with a live band and his performance was very well supported and received. Addis regularly performs on many of the major Reggae festivals in Europe. He performed on the Garance Reggae Festival in France paying tribute to Original Rockers Jacob Miller with his band Inner Circle. He also performs in Europe as a sound system duo with Ras Jammy in a style stemming from the Rockers International sound system started by Augustus Pablo. Addis is backed by bands such as Inner Circle , Mafia and Fluxy and the Roots Band (Hip Hop­). On the sound system shows his brother Jammy selects classic Rockers instrumentals while Addis improvises melodies and original songs over the rhythms with his melodica.

Addis released his debut album In My Fathers House in early 2014 to great reviews due to the theme artwork and sound produced by a Netherlands based Label Jah Solid Rock. The album consisted of Addis playing his melodica on classic Roots Reggae Rhythms in the tradition of his father Augustus Pablo. In My Fathers House helped to solidify Addis’s presence on the reggae scene. The album sold over 5,000 copies, which is a great accomplishment for a young artiste in these times when, due to the internet, CD’s in general don’t sell many copies.

In the fall of 2014 Addis and Jammy toured Japan as the Suns of Dub featuring the vocalist Jah Bami. The tour, which featured the Suns of Dub in a sound system style, was well received by many of his father Augustus Pablo’s older fans.

In Nov 2015 The Suns of Dub released a new album called Far East Dub featuring live roots rock reggae instrumentals produced and mixed by Ras Jammy featuring Addis on melodica and lead vocals by Jah Bami.

It is a great blessing to the world that the beloved prolific artist Augustus Pablo’s son is carrying on his legacy to such a fullness. Addis Pablo’s recording releases to date are For the Love Of Jah (EP) Suns Of Dub 2011(Group), 13 Months in Zion (EP) Suns Of Dub 2012 (Group), Selassie Souljahz in Dub (EP) 2013 (Group), Call Of The Rightous (single) Addis Pablo 2013 (Solo), Pablo Inna Di Yard (single) Addis Pablo 2014 (Solo), In My Fathers House (LP) Addis Pablo 2014 (Solo), Unconditional Love / Unconditional Dub (Single) 2015 (Group), Far East Dub (LP) 2015 (Group)

Live Augustus Pablo Classic Java in Camden London UK

Augustus Pablo Classic Live in Netherlands

Original Suns Of Dub Unconditional Love From Soon to be released LP Reggae Jam 2015

Part Of Full Performance Reggae Jam Germany 2015

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