Alborosie : new single “Living Dread” now available

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The worldwide debut of the new single « Living Dread » with a video inspired by the1978 Jamaican cult classic film Rockers.

The video was filmed in Portland, Jamaica, by « One Love » director RICK ELGOOD. Vibrant visuals evoke Jamaica’s urban youth and protest against oppression, while the song epitomizes the spiritual relationship of members of the Rastafari faith and features elder Rasta drummers who hail from Port Antonio’s historic Maroon Town.

This single continues to gain steady rotation for its subtle interpretation of the original Black Uhuru anthem with the memorable lyrics : « I and I born a living dread. Inna these ya town of the living dead. »

THEODOROS BAFALOUKOS’ film ROCKERS is arguably one of the most authentic and peerless pieces of cinema made in Jamaica during the halcyon days of reggae. The original cast, including GREGORY ISAACS, JACOB MILLER, BIG YOUTH, DILLINGER, BURNING SPEAR, AUGUSTUS PABLO, and the legendary drummer HORSEMOUTH – who is actually featured in the « Living Dread » video – has risen to mythologized status since the film’s release.

« Living Dread » pays homage to that grass roots reggae movement and the rich and pulsating lifestyle it encompassed. The single is part of a series of forthcoming tracks to be released by GEEJAM.

Said ALBOROSIE of the new single, « The punch line is from the BLACK UHURU single but the riddim is original. » He said he sees a lack of spirituality in music these days and would like to manifest more of the positivity that reggae encompasses. « I think we need to bring back the energy of the ’60s and ’70s, when music had more of a message. We’re living in very superficial times, so we need to get back to our real roots. »

« Living Dread » is at heart a protest song in a time when dancehall and other less conscious genres are populating the airwaves.

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