Announcing Publication Of Alpha Boys’ School

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Alpha Boys' School

Announcing Publication Of Alpha Boys’ School: Cradle Of Jamaican Music By Heather Augustyn And Adam Reeves On Half Pint Press.

A comprehensive overview of the impact of Kingston’s famed Alpha Boys’ School, the institution that spawned some of the greatest jazz, ska and reggae musicians ever to come out of Jamaica. Told in a narrative style with a wealth of archive and original photographs, this landmark book sheds light on the life and works of over forty of Jamaica’s most creative and influential musicians.

Featuring a foreword by world-renowned reggae DJ and broadcaster David Rodigan and stunning cover art by French oil painter Jean-Christophe Molineris, Alpha Boys’ School: Cradle of Jamaican Music tells the fascinating story of a boarding school run by Roman Catholic nuns that was the nurturing ground for some of the musicians who became the architects of ska, rocksteady and reggae music. Each has their story of how Alpha saved them from challenging early life circumstances by giving them the gift of music. Mostly coming from poverty, often with tumultuous domestic circumstances, this is a human story of hope and redemption through education, tough discipline and the unwavering love and care of the nuns who believed in the potential of the human spirit.

Review copies available upon request About the authors: Heather Augustyn is the author of several books on ska and reggae including the acclaimed biography of Alpha’s doomed ska trombone player, Don Drummond, The Genius and Tragedy of the World’s Greatest Trombone Player (2013).

Adam Reeves is a lifelong reggae and ska fan and DJ and co-producer of a forthcoming documentary on Alpha Boys’ School. This is his first book. Authors are available for press and radio interviews, local or national. On sale now at skabook.com, amazon.com, or amazon.co.uk. Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alphaboysschoolbook/ ‘Alpha’s story must be told and re-told.’ OLIVIA GRANGE, Minister of Culture, Jamaica ‘There was never a school like it.’ CHRIS SALEWICZ, author of Bob Marley: The Untold Story ‘Alpha Boys’ School is at the roots of the explosion of Jamaican music.’ CHRIS BLACKWELL, founder of Island Records.

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Contacts: Heather Augustyn (USA) Adam Reeves (UK) December 1st, haugustyn@yahoo.com alkreeves@gmail.com


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