Available for Booking: GISTO—Multi-talented Producer/Artist. 

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Combining the sounds of Reggae, Dancehall, Trap, and Hip Hop, along with his smooth, one-of-a-kind vocal styling, he creates a sound that is uniquely his own.

Gisto’s music blends genres of Reggae, Hiphop, Afrobeat, Trap, EDM and Dancehall. Many of his songs are self-produced, from the music and lyrics, to the video. He started on his musical path at the age of 10 when he began to take guitar lessons; he then went on to play in his high school band and then to Selkirk Music College where he studied theory, performance and production. Gisto played in several bands including the touring act Wassabi Collective which developed an underground following because of its raw dancefloor appeal; at the same time, Gisto was developing his solo career and began to embrace reggae music as major inspiration for his sound.

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