Award-Winning Artist Loris Holland Returns To His Roots For COVID-19

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“Better To Be Six Feet Apart Than Six Feet Under”

Grammy and Emmy Award-winning producer, composer, arranger, singer, and musician Loris Holland has released a new song, “Six Feet (U Betta Back Up).”

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Normally found at his X-Music Academy in The Colony, Texas USA, Loris says that he has to step forward as performing artist TimeShadow to convey the important message that many still find hard to accept, that social distancing and wearing a mask will help protect each other during this global pandemic.
Loris states that it is his belief that “music is art and science, it’s the enlightenment of the purest, spiritually logical form of bliss that soothes the savage beast in all of us. It’s a true mystery and a great gift from God (The Master Musician) to humanity. It justifies the reality of our existence as we all have the need for, and the ability to create it. We are all born with the gift, and the desire to share our unique styles of musical creativity as we feed our spirits, bodies and souls regularly with its joy.”
Born in Guyana, growing up in the Amazon basin, then living in England and Canada, before living most of his life in the USA, Loris is using this time to record and prepare a new album of Worldbeat and Reggae songs about the current natural and spiritual status of humanity. He states, “The album includes songs of hope and reality in a time when we need to regain our sanity and come together as one.”
The song is available for streaming on all digital platforms,  including iTunesTidalSpotifyAmazonGoogle Play
and many others.

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