Black No For Sale is a single to announce the colors of the album

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GENERAL TCHEFARY is a descendant of the great opponent of the struggle against French colonialismin Africa “l’Almamy Samory Touré”. Growing up with his mother, he never saw his father.   Becoming a muscian kept him away from the bandits and out of trouble.

Ibrahim Touré, alias General Tchefary, met his music in West Africa, Ivory Coast in the year 1998. As an artist, he started in the hip-hop movement then gradually deflected in the life of Reggae music. He chose Reggae music for what it stands for. Reggae music is his life; it gives him the joy of living. It gives him hope to see a better world where people live in harmony without injustice. Because of this way of life, hand Reggae music have become one, as if they were born together.

He released his first Album in 2008, “Soya ” which gives it a marked evolution over Ivorian showbiz and ranking it among the hopes of Africa Reggae people.

“Il Est Temps” is the title of the second album from 2013. This CD became International and open to the world. It talks about denunciation, revolution and education. This album has become an explosion factor for our General Tchefary.

The compilation of another CD being recorded in Portugal by Da Lion Music called “I-Ternal Riddim” will have General Tchefary and many other famous Reggae singers from all over the world. The compilation will be out in March 15,2018. Before his 3rd CD, “Black no for sale” is the name of his single that General Tchefary publishes on March 22,2018. His third CD consisting of 13 songs are currently being recorded at three different studios with music from Ivory Coast Africa, Portugal Europe and the United States of America. The CD will be mixed in Jamaica.   Expected publication will be before the end of 2018.

In 2015 he was invited by K-Bass Music to America to promote African Root Reggae.

General Tchefary is multi-dimensional in his art, he sings with Solidarite Sympa, Dub Society, K-Bass Music and General Tchefary bands. He has performed at festivals with famous singers, Alpha Blondy, Ky-Mani Marley, Morga Heritage, Third World, I Threes, Tiken Jah Fakoly and many more.




Black No For Sale 

Help The Syrians

General Tchefary

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Website : www.generaltchefary.com

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General Tchefary says: “REGGAE MUSIC IS MY LIFE!”


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