Black No For Sale is a single to announce the colors of the album

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1-Present yourself to Reggae Festival Guide.

I am General Tchefary, International Reggae man of Ivory Coast. Living for a while in the USA. I am a songwriter, music producer and performing artist.

I am currently preparing my 3rd Album of 13 tracks which have been produced in 3 different countries: The Ivory Coast ( DMB STUDIO ) By Moses Doumbia , in Portugal (Black Star Studio) by Da Lion Music and in the USA ( WaterWorks Recording ) By Jim Waters. The album is currently being mixed in Jamaica by Gregory Morris III. Before the completion of this album, I have just published a Single of two titles called “Black No For Sale” and “Help The Syrians”.

2-Talk to us about your single.

Black No For Sale is the name of my new single available in all online stores since March 22, 2018. This single comes to announce the colors of the next Album. Black No For Sale and Help The Syrians, two very committed songs on the side of the populations of the world who open the bad actions of a tiny number of people. Through these songs that are a hymn to love, I call on all humanity to respect human values. I stand against the injustices suffered by every human being. Black No For Sale, a true hymn to hope, also calls on African political leaders to take charge of the destiny of their people.

3-Why such a hot title: Black no for sale.

I could write Black Not For Sale but my sadness at seeing the direction of today’s world that made me write Black No For Sale

I can not understand that in the 21st-century men are taken strength and sold to other men as slaves. It makes me angry at all his slavery in Libya, France, the United States and even Black Africa who have no respect for human dignity. Today, man has become a wolfman. Man is the basis of the suffering of others. Fyah Burning

4- Since you are in the USA you go on stages.

Since 2 years that I am in the United States on average, I go up 3 times on scenes per month. I have already done almost all the scenes of the city of Tucson Arizona where I live. For the second consecutive year I am going to New York to Go Africa Harlem Street Festival in July, For the Second Time I will participate in the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival and I have received an invitation from Nigeria Reggae Festival in Nigeria in Africa end of September only I am afraid to leave the USA because I am not yet a citizen of this country. Well, it is to study loan Lol.

5- ONE word to finish

My prayers and hopes are that my music can help the world change to be a better place. One Peace One Love


Website: https://www.generaltchefary.com/

Link Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/black-no-for-sale-single/1361569540

Link Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1MC7C3QjpYGvn0ZY88ogSC

Link Black No For Sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycxQOGmk1xE

Link Help The Syrians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myZUjLn5Bso


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