Breeze Botanicals – Announcing FREEtheWEED Event and Contest

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Breeze Botanicals


When: Wednesday July 1st 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Where: Breeze Botanicals – On the Patio @ Siskiyou Crossing in Ashland, Oregon – 1526 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland OR 97520


When: Month of July

Where: Breeze Botanicals social media sites

Breeze Botanicals will be launching a FREEtheWEED promotion during the month of July to help Oregonians celebrate the end of prohibition in the state of Oregon. The Southern Oregon dispensaries have announced a FREE WEED giveaway starting July 1st, 2015. The Ashland Breeze Botanicals location will host a kick off event in front of their store from 2pm-6pm on the patio of Siskiyou Crossing located near the corner of Siskiyou & Walker. In addition the dispensaries will host a month long contest for Oregonians to win commemorative FREE WEED t-shirts, hats, and stickers via social media. One grand prize winner will win a $500 Breeze Botanicals gift certificate.

“We feel the prohibition on cannabis in the United States was founded on racism, lies, and corporate greed,” said Brie Malarkey, Founder and CEO of Breeze Botanicals. “We’re excited to help ALL adult Oregonians celebrate their new freedom to cultivate, medicate, and recreate with cannabis in the state. We view this as a fundamental freedom of choice. The freedom for Oregonians to make a decision about their own body without fear of prosecution.”

Since only the possession and cultivation of cannabis is now legal in the state -without any commercial retail system in place- the stores are encouraging Medical Marijuana patients with excess medicine to freely give and share at the FREEtheWEED event on July 1st. Patients will be on hand to giveaway excess WEED FREE to adult Oregonians who need and want safe access. Breeze Botanicals will facilitate testing of all the giveaways to help ensure product safety and store employees will be on hand to answer the public’s questions about the now legal weed and accessories to utilize the herb. In addition commemorative FREEtheWEED T-shirts and stickers will be for sale.

“We want to make sure Oregonians who are interested in using the herb have safe access on July 1st and an understanding of the plants uses,” said Malarkey. The #FREEtheWEED event is scheduled on July 1st from 2pm-6pm at the Breeze Botanicals location in Ashland Oregon.

“Cannabis is arguably the most medicinal plant in the world and now adult Oregonians can explore the plants uses without fear,” said Malarkey. “It’s a giant leap towards acceptance and understanding of the plant, but we haven’t reached the finish line yet.”

In addition to the kick off event the dispensaries are encouraging Oregonians to share stories on what the end of prohibition in Oregon means to them on the Breeze Botanicals social media sites. “We want Oregonians to share with us what this means to them. How did they celebrate the end of prohibition? What does this new freedom mean to them?” said Malarkey. People wanting to enter the contest must follow Breeze Botanicals on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then tell them how they celebrated with #FREEtheWEED. “We also encourage the general public to follow along as others post their experiences and share personal stories.”

For more information on the FREEtheWEED event or contest Oregonians over the age of 21 are encouraged to visit here.

About Breeze Botanicals

Breeze Botanicals, located at 315 Second Avenue in Gold Hill and 1526 Siskiyou Boulevard in Ashland, are artisan medical marijuana dispensaries embracing herbs cultivated and wildcrafted in Southern Oregon. Focusing on supporting local farmers, artists, and food producers, their beautiful herb, food, & art boutiques are open to the public and enjoyed by everyone, with or without a medical marijuana card. Filled with local treats, handmade jewelry, herbal teas, tinctures, and more, the boutique is a joyful experience designed to help you find relief naturally.

Both stores feature over 40 different herbs, in addition to a large selection of medical marijuana options for various patient needs. By combining different herbs in conjunction with cannabis, Breeze Botanicals is leading the way with a wide array of natural herbal products and remedies that other dispensaries have been unable to match. “We really view ourselves as a compounding dispensary, working with patients and medical professionals to help find the right combination of herbs, potency, and delivery method to help patients address specific symptoms.” said Malarkey.

Breeze Botanicals clearly identifies and labels each herb with a unique product card, making it easy for patients and caregivers to find what they need within the dispensary. The product card details the herbs and their potential healing properties, test results (where appropriate), and includes a color-coded ID. This color-coding quickly guides people in identifying all herbs in the store that could provide relief for medical needs, including herbs for those suffering from pain, loss of sleep, muscle tension and spasms, nausea and vomiting, agitation and stress, and loss of appetite. Only two groups at a time are allowed in the dispensaries, allowing the staff to work with patients and caregivers as individuals to get a better understanding of their specific needs for relief.

For more information, view their website at www.breezebotanicals.com or call either location.


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