COMING NOVEMBER 15: New Single and Video “Terrible” by Reggae Artist Soulmedic

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On his new single and video entitled TERRIBLE, Reggae Artist, Soulmedic, breaks down the events leading to WWII which highlight the divinity of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.

The “Original Dancehall Godfather”, Ranking Joe is the Executive Producer on this release. The music is mixed by King Tubby (Jamaican sound engineer who greatly influenced the development of dub in the 1960s and 1970s) and performed by the legendary Roots Radics Band.

This passionate song touches on the history of Ethiopia and the repercussions from Italian fascism as the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini sought to create a New Roman Empire based around the Mediterranean and invaded Ethiopia in 1935. 

The unique accompanying animated video which illustrate the lyrics, is designed in Ethiopian Coptic style; the human figures reflect a depth of idealized expression with their signature almond-shaped eyes. Coptic art is a term refers to the Christian art of the Byzantine-Greco-Roman Egypt and that produced in the Coptic Christian Churches. 

Both the song and video are set for release on November 15, 2019 and will be available on iTunes and other platforms.

As a Rasta, Soulmedic, father of four children, chose this important topic to educate the coming generations about the divinity of Haile Selassie and the history of Ethiopia.

Hailing from Northern California and the Big Island of Hawaii, Reggae artist/singer/songwriter/producer, Soulmedic, forwards potent reggae and dancehall music delivering vocal versatility and songs of inspiration rooted firm in truth and rights. Known for energetic stage shows, with dynamic presence, Soulmedic continues to progress musical limits with original style while retaining a classic dancehall reggae sound, inspiring positive living and social change. 

The single can be listened to on SoundCloud:


“Rastafari big bad and terrible and unbearable to the heathen as I would say, yeaaaah…..”


“Rastafari big bad and terrible.  72 Nations them a bow down declaring You incredible. Big bad and lean, deyah on the scene H.I.M. strengthen mi self-esteem” x2

“Remember the little man from Itheopia (Ethiopia), tell the assembly of nations game over.  Him a defender a the faith and a tell the boy straight — Mussolini the line you crossed over.”

“See say Lake Tana them want fi bulldozer, and build roads to rob the African culture”

“But no sir H.I.M no play, what Selassie H.I.M. say—no way no please don’t even touch a boulder.”

“So they roll down deep unto the border. Heavy artillery with tanks and soldiers. And they show this position like war it a the mission, them throw the first stone from the holster”

“Jah H.I.M. say me today, then you tomorrow. We are peaceful people we want no war.”

“But them turn them back, mi feel say them no sorrow, them rob Africa ca them a vulture”

“Pope say that him Christian, but him a obeah (witchcraft), them torture enslave or extort ya”

“Them try roll with the covenant back to their government. Klap! Lightning flash and a scorch ya”

“Rastafari big bad and terrible.  72 Nations them a bow down and declaring you incredible. Big bad and lean, deyah on the scene H.I.M. strengthen mi self-esteem” x2

“Who forget Marcus Garvey no not me. Who forget Haile Selassie, mi sing say not me.

Set mi meditation, set mi soul free. Pure fire from them eyes a make them heart a go lead. Full speed unto victory fi (to) make the goal reach. Force feed some more positive vibes fi your needs. Some man a forward some man a goal keep (soccer/footbal). See in inity how we fi need the whole team.  Remember all your glory on earth, serving up Jah purpose. Remember we no walk around like little fool nervous.

Your path is infinite so you fi know just what your worth is. If Jah in everybody then you know just where to worship.  We nah working fi no gun fi no cross fi no serpent man a working for the earth— mi till the soil till mi hurting.

Bless up all the persons from the farmers to the merchants with the food and all the herbs in the market ‘pon the curbs an ‘pon the block in the spots inna the flats a where dem working for the little that them got, still them skillful like a surgeon.  See them planting up the crops, the harvest them a turning and them plan fi have a lot but Jah architect their version cause H.I.M….”


“Big bad and terrible.  72 Nations them a bow down and declaring you incredible. Big bad and lean, deyah on the scene H.I.M. strengthen mi self-esteem” x2

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