Dancehall Star Mavado Release First Visuals For 2020 Ahead of His Heartfelt Single Titled ‘Truest Thoughts’

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On his first official release visual of 2020, international dancehall recording artist Mavado and RD Studios are evoking powerful emotions by pairing profound honest and raw lyrics set to the backdrop of a black-and-white scenery on “TRUEST THOUGHTS”.

“I man ah see through life like never before Wull heap a people weh did a tell you seh dem ah me bredda, dem nuh bredda nuh more..” sings Mavado on the DJ Frass produced track; indeed the Billboard star pours his soul on the poignant track as it is evident at the 1:41 mark, where one can see and feel the singjay’s soul. “TRUEST THOUGHTS” is real, sincere, and straightforward, it is one of these songs that transcend borders.

With over a ten year music career, the international dancehall superstar Mavado remains in the spotlight by the release of major collaborations and hit singles. Most recently, his features on the Grammy award winning DJ Khaled album “Father of Ashad” (single Holy Mountain feat Buju Banton, Sizzla, 007 Shakes) to his single collaboration with multi platinum artist Tory Lanez and late rapper XXXTentacion fourth and final studio album “Bad Vibes”; single titled “Hot Gyal“.

In 2019 Mavado closed out the year with a the hit track “Top Shotta Is Back”. “Yow, spread di word Top Shotta is back Ganqsta (Real life) So ah keep baking it Anywaayyy..” Currently one of the hottest dancehall track in Jamaica, “Top Shotta Is Back” is blazing both the international airwaves and nightclubs. ‘Top Shotta Is Back’, will remind people of the Mavado that made them become instant fans” – say one of Jamaicas most prominent DJs – Boom Boom aka Billboard selector.

Other tracks hot on some of the major streaming platforms coveted dancehall playlists are “Fresh Paint” produced by renowned Chimney Records and the Good Good Productions single “Flammable”. 

“Always one of my favorite dancehall artists, I must say Mavado really made me raise the Gully Side flag high in 2019 with his fire verse on Holy Mountain, wicked track Flammable and then his single Top Shotta is Back. When I heard him say ‘GAAAANNGGSTA’ I knew this track would be flames.” – Mauricio Simpson, Newark New Jersey.

“To my fans and to the people that are not a fan of my music, just keep your head up and be

careful out there. Every day you got to give thanks for the giving of thanks. RIP to the real

ones Gullyside forever truest thoughts out this Friday February 14th 2020 – Mavado.


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