Dennis “Shango Trex” Llewellyn & David “Catapila” Nevin are FREEMYNZ!

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Free MynzLet me tell you a quick bit about what has been happening with this musical duo. I won’t make this sound scripted and press release-ish, I will write it the way I feel it. Honest and direct!

These two musicians hail from our beautiful island Jamaica. If you are not familiar with this island, it’s the one bursting at the seams with talent.

Shango and ‘Pila, are personable and talented musicians who are lighthearted and loving. This comes through, or shines through if you would, in their music. They possess a vibe which makes you feel nothing but pure joy. In these perilous times, I’d say that’s vital, wouldn’t you?

Their latest single “Time To Shine”, is slated for release in  late August and the official music video which was shot on location in Japan, to be released shortly thereafter. (Insert my big grin here :-)). So yeah…Shango Trex & Catapila are currently in Japan promoting this single, and I encourage you to hit their events page on Facebook to be a part of the action. Get your GPS out and follow Freemynz. Speaking of “following Freemynz”, our favorite duo now has a Twitter account. Be sure to follow them there as well.

Catapila & Shango Trex“Time To Shine” produced by famed Billboard chart topping producer Jon FX (Jamaica/US) & Edison (Japan), is not just a song sung by Freemynz, it’s also the way they are viewed in my eyes. It’s Freemynz’ time to shine…brighter! Amazing talent who has brought our genre across the ocean, and is constantly waving our “one love” banner.

Be sure to check out a snippet of “Time To Shine” right here on Freemynz’ Facebook fan page:: http://www.facebook.com/FREEMYNZ

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Official Site www.FREEMYNZ.net and Twitter: @freemynzmusic

“Time To Shine”…coming soon! 

“GOD First…All Else After!!!”

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