Dre-Z Melodi Releases Full-Length Solo Album In Psalm

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Dre-Z MelodiMonsoon Kiva Productions is proud to present the long-awaited Dre-Z Melodi album In Psalm. This album is the culmination of several years of production and presents Dre-Z Melodi’s best solo material to date. Andres Estrada, better known as Dre-Z for most of his career, is a native of New Mexico and has been a constant figure in the New Mexico reggae and Rastafari community for the last fifteen years. This album presents the culmination of his evolution as a producer and vocalist. He is a true singer in every sense of the word. His Rastafarian livity shines through in his work while keeping the album fresh and vibrant.

This album is one of those albums you can hear from start to finish without ever reaching down to skip a track. The songs in the album were carefully selected from over 30 tracks to end up with the chosen few which made the cut for this special release. The songs range from Rastafarian anthems, socially conscious tunes, to songs which will become that “special song” between couples. The arrangement of the album is also masterfully crafted to take you through a gratifying musical experience. Dre-Z Melodi has collaborated with many great artists in the past. For this album Dre picked only three guest artists.

Sgt Remo makes a guest appearance on this album on Man on a Mission. Fellow New Mexico artists Ras Illy and Bless Infinite round up the album adding a fresh Hip-Hop flavor on Slavery and Tension respectively. Although every listener will find their own gems, some of the highlights on the album include the title track Psalm a Day, Voice of Jah, Time Nah Wait, and Pure Sunshine. Those who know the talented Dre-Z Melodi have been patiently waiting for this release for some time. Those who haven’t yet heard this amazing artist will be pleased to discover him on this album. Give it a play and fulljoy!

Dre-Z Melodi Links:

Contact: nativefiyahproductions@gmail.com

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-psalm/1347750787

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drezmelodi/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VpgU1VtCYCrVL6aSiGxQw/featured


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