“Even A Gangster (Falls In Love)”

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Jamaica has given the world eight genres of music. Kingston has been designated a city of music by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Jamaican producer, Gussie Clarke is giving the world a new music marketing format called an “EPX”.

 “Even A Gangster (Falls In Love)” EPX is a groundbreaking project that introduces the global audience to the stylistic and vocal capabilities of  Kevy The Artiste. The project has 11 multi genre remixes of the original Reggae track “Even A Gangster (Falls In Love)” and features performances by Shaggy, Sky Juice, Boom Boom The Billboard Selector and Pam Hall. The EPX also includes collaborations from producers including; David Tayorault (Ivory Coast), Steve Francis (USA). Richard Rodwell (Canada), Danny Browne and Lenky Marsden (Jamaica). Each remix has been carefully created by some of Jamaica’s best musicians  under the meticulous supervision of Gussie Clarke to reflect his signature  production standard. The project is accompanied by 4 music videos.

Gussie believes this project is a great marketing tool to introduce and expose Kevy The Artiste’s, vocal dexterity,  writing skills and versatility across different genres. He asserts “When a producers finds an artiste who has exceptional talent and is manageable, marketable and mannerable; it makes that artiste investible.” “Even A Gangster (Falls In Love)” EPX is available on all major digital platforms and physical copies are available on CD Baby.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/Wdsb-zIcdaQ

Artist: Gussie Clarke

Name of Song: “Gussie Clarke Presents Dub Anthology” ~ Free MP3 file (Bamsta taken from Disc 3)

Name of Label:  Music Works Records


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