First artists and concept of the 14th Seasplash Festival revealed!

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A special edition of the 14th Seasplash Festival is heading our way and is dedicated to the sound system culture. During the festival, the dominant majority of regional sound systems, present and active on the scene, will be introduced, as well as a few guests from abroad.

As soon as it came to life, Seasplash Festival was one of the first events to start promoting the sound system. Half way till today, on the 7th festival edition to be exact, we introduced the DubSplash stage, which is where the first Croatian sound system called Digitron performs as the resident.

It’s a culture descended from Jamaica, which implemented via their immigrants and gained popularity throughout the ’90s in Great Britain. Since then, its popularity is rising continuously, being one of the fastest growing subculture festival trends in Europe and beyond. In the context of popular culture, the sound system is a group of DJs, sound engineers and MCs that play reggae and other related music. On this occasion, a special feature is that the musicians come equipped with sound systems, usually handmade. That way, besides the selection, performance and style distinctiveness, each sound system introduces itself with their own sound.

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