French Singer-Songwriter Delphine to Release Reggae Single “Music” on April 8th on The Musicam Label / Distributed by Tuff Gong International

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DelphineRocked since her tender childhood by Jazz, Soul and Reggae music, Delphine is a talented singer-songwriter and composer.

Determined to be an artist since she was a little girl, she joined at the age of ten singing and dancing schools and has followed drama lessons.

She continued her cursus with complete training of lyrical and classical singing at the conservatory and got a distinction at the end of each degree. Later, she went to Paris to follow several courses of song writing, improvisation and gospel.

In parallel, to complete her initial training, she has joined various live bands in France and Germany, and has tried different musical styles, such as Blues, Funk, Reggae, and Soul.

She has not hesitated to take stages across the world, like in Thailand, with a Pop Rock band, but also in Canada with an American blues band.

Today, Delphine finds inspiration in the memories of many of her trips across continents.

She carries inside her the wealth of all the people she has met, their cultures and lifestyles. These experiences make her write rich and colorful texts, emotionally charged, which reflect her humanity and the strength of her character.

It is on the roads that she has learned to control all the aspects of the artist’s profession, how to find the keys and how to avoid traps. Her personality and experience make her a complete artist and a true leader. Her only presence makes emerge strength and softness and it is impossible to explain why. She soothes the mind and warms the hearts.

Loved and followed, Delphine has been able to take control of her career and to implement her project, making all artistic choices to produce an album in her image. From music composition to writing, from selecting musicians to arrangements, from the recording to the production, Delphine has managed and controlled it all.

After more than a hundred concerts and the first parts of many well-known artists (Culture, Richard Bohringer, Anthony B, Clinton Fearon, Amsterdam Klezmer Band), Delphine will make you discover the world she has created.

On April 8,  2016, she will unveil her first single “Music“, and her video clip, co-produced with Art & Media and distributed by Tuff Gong International.

Author: Delphine

Composers: Delphine and Patrice Dicuonzo

Producers: Delphine and Art&Media

Musicians: Romain Omaley (drums), Patrice Dicuonzo (bass), Jonathan Remillon and Fayce (keyboards), Julien Cernec and Tony Nephtali (guitars), Nico Drum (percussion), Ti Kitoko (accessories)

Recording: Studio Amper by Jean Pascal Boffo

Mix: Metropolis studio (London) by Sam Wheat

Master: Metropolis studio (London) by Stuart Hawkes

Digital Distribution: Tuff Gong International


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