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Help preserve the cultural heritage of the Bob Marley loving Havasupai tribe at the bottom of the Grand Canyon through Kickstarter campaign with deadline of July 27th. Please support now if you can and help spread word!

The Havasupai tribe have been living in the Grand Canyon for over 800 years as a nomadic people in an area the size of Delaware. They hunted and gathered throughout the canyon and for the summer months farmed in the oasis of Supai. The Supai are known as the People of the Blue Green Waters. This is truly a majestic and magical land, where spring fed waters cascade into powerful waterfalls and tranquil streams. It creates an oasis which is fertile and full of wildlife and fauna surrounded by towering red canyon walls. In the past 100 years, with the intrusion of the American government, they have been limited to a small part of the canyon and rely mostly on tourism and farming.

This peace keeping tribe began listening to the late great revolutionary music of Bob Marley in the 1970’s. The music had an universal message for the suffering people that were being oppressed by the system and resonated deeply with many of the tribes people.

A year after the early death of Bob Marley, Bob’s mother, Cedella Booker helicoptered down her piano along with a couple of Bob’s original band members  and played a concert for the tribe at one of the sacred falls.

After a recent pilgrimage I found this land to be one of most awe inspiring natural destinations in the world; however, I was saddened by the GMO foods and alcohol that has infiltrated the tribe and I recognized that they are forgetting who they are.  According to some of the elders much of the culture is being lost and forgotten by the youth. I was asked to help create a cultural and festival site to bring more awareness to the great Havasupai people and for the youth to rally around positive work.

At the present time there is a lack of exchange between tourists and the tribe. Most hikers stop in the village to get supplies for camping and a quick meal at the cafe which consists of low grade, fried, processed, GMO foods. The cultural and educational center will be an interactive destination highlighting the traditional music, dance, arts and crafts and proud heritage  of the Havasupai. In addition the center will feature healthy fruits and vegetables from the tribes bio dynamic farm.  This project will help to transform the turn and burn tourism to a sustainable eco tourism model.

In a recent meeting with Bob Marley’s second oldest son, Stephen Marley, discussion has started around creating a documentary about the Marleys going down into the canyon by horseback and performing a show.

We are seeking $45,000 to clear off land for a cultural and festival site. In addition, to building a performance stage.  We are seeking funding for the following equipment: Four main speaker cabinets, two subs, 14 microphones, 14 mic stands, six monitors, 24 track power mixer, snake. 7 piece of drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, keyboard amp, & drum monitor. Additional costs will be for labor, helicopter, horse pack rentals, as well as travel and lodging for entertainers. We will also be creating money for the tribe in this project by hiring them to create jewelry, clear land, build up stage, & hiring horses and packers to bring down performers and gear.

I got a hard quote from Guitar Center to fulfill equipment request. From there we will be renting a truck to bring equipment to trail head where we will be chartering a helicopter to bring equipment and materials down to village.

Please help support this project and help preserve this sacred land and indigenous culture. One Love!

Kickstarter campaign


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