Humble Fiyah Girl Boss Track

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Humble Fiyah Girl Boss Track


Island Beats is no stranger to Humble whose entertainment name could not suit him any better because in the Toronto reggae industry Humble is one of the most humble.

Since the days of Myspace DJ Bubbles always followed and loved the musical works from Humble it was a pleasure to touch base and refresh Humble and his career.

Starting out in England Humble came to Canada at the tender age of 3 and produced his first album in 2005 and that was the moment Humble made his mark in the reggae music indistry.

The name Humble was given to him based on his shy demeanor since his childhood he was always an observer and although quiet Humble always gravitated to roots and culture and mentioned that he was influenced by roots artists like Dennis Brown and Bob Marley in particular.

Humble although on the quiet side won a Canadian Juno Award in 2009 for his track “The Lion Has Prevailed” which serves as  a catalyst for Humble to continue to grow as an artist and increase the massive’s knowledge of his musical works.

 Humble says that he recognize that he does have more goals to reach that he has set for himself and let Island Beats know that he has an upcoming project that will definitely help him to get there.

Humble’s project will be released by the fall of 2018 and he also has a track that is set to be released this July 2018 called “Never The Same.”

Humble’s new album is half way complete and he wanted to let the massive know that they should get ready to look out for the album and the track Never The Same releasing in July.

Humble is an Indie artist and he can be reached for booking by contacting Beverly Parnell:



Although it has been a few years since Humble has released a recording his new album and featured track “Never The Same” will continue to project positive and meaningful music to his much anticipating fans.

Humble has strong values such as love, maintaining one’s dignity, and engaging in self awareness which he vows to continue to maintain with music as his platform to convey these values.

Humble says to the massive that his wish is that his music will have a positive impact in his fan’s live to invoke change and also to attract younger fans out there who have not heard of the “Humble” Humble.

Welcome back Humble from Island Beats and your fans who are awaiting the new album release and the new track.

Enjoy Fiyah Girl From Humble.


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