In the ’80s Dancehall – Reggae Recall – a Must-Have Book for all Reggae Lovers

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Reggae RecallThe history of Dancehall is captured in the book entitled ‘In the 80s Dancehall – Reggae Recall’; a must-have for all reggae fans. This masterpiece, along with four CD’s of live, authentic Dancehall music, is available for sale through website. As the world evolves and things within our realm change every day, we have to adapt to the reality that the only constant thing in our lives is change.  In this technological era that we live in, there has to be ways to recapture the past, and archive and preserve it for the future.  If we don’t know our past, we can’t deal with the present and we will not be prepared for the future.

In the 80s Dancehall – Reggae Recall, is focused on the sub-genre of Reggae music known as DANCEHALL.  The book is a positive collection of the entertainment aspect of the music in the 1980s throughout Jamaica and its connection to foreign countries.

Dancehall, as outlined in this book, focuses on “a way of life.”  It is a culture that was created to fulfill the need for entertainment among the poorer class of Jamaicans.  Rooted in the ghetto, Dancehall has emerged to become an industry spanning several continents around the globe.

The 1980s era was the decade referred to by many older Dancehall fans and entertainers as “When Dancehall was nice”.   It was during these years that some of the most significant changes in the Dancehall occurred, e.g: Sound Systems – which are the heartbeat of the Dancehall, became more equipped for the transformation to the new Digital Age while computerized rhythms began appearing on turntables.

As Dancehall became more recognized as a culture, we saw the massive acceptance of the music into society.  More ghetto youths with vocal abilities found something tangible to cling to for a chance of survival and also for the hope of stardom.  Dancehall also brought hope to many in the form of entrepreneurship. The once discredited form of social life evolved into a lucrative industry for entertainers, promoters and all those who had an interest in the music.

From humble beginnings, Dancehall music has gained popularity across most, if not nearly all the continents of the world. In Europe the Dancehall population has grown tremendously. With close ties to the Caribbean roots, sound systems and entertainers have been able to invade the world with the music. Numerous sound systems, recording studios and promoters have found the Europeans’ appetite for Dancehall music as an invitation to create synonymous empires.

In Africa, the motherland, the Dancehall language had no problem conforming to the many dialects.  In North America, the music has now become a strong contender to hip-hop. The similarity to hip-hop has allowed both genres to collaborate cohesively on recordings, and also to co-exist in the same venues.  In Asia, the rapidly growing Dancehall vibe has created a unique frenzy among the young at heart.

Without any doubt, Dancehall music has captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere. As the music evolves through new forms of communications like social media, people everywhere have adapted to new ways of becoming a part of this great industry.

Available in Hardcover/ Full Color  – Signed by the Authors.

Also available in ebooks – (English and Spanish).

For more information and for ordering the book, contact us:  Info@reggaezon.com, visit  www.reggaezon.com or call (917) 838-0025 or  (347) 409-3402

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