International Reggae Day Celbrates Reggae’s 50th

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As International Reggae Day (IRD) prepares to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Reggae from the roots to the branches on JulyOne with the 24-hour media festival which will feature themed media specials and parties. Using the power of music, media, visual arts and technology, IRD showcases the influence of Jamaica’s creative entrepreneurs and their global offspring.

IRD content produced for the 24-hour Reggae party will be powered by participating media in Jamaica and worldwide who broadcast/publish themed content highlighting various aspects of the music’s legacy and currency.  A commemorative digital magazine will be released for International Reggae Day 2018 featuring works from the late Michael Thompson and the International Reggae Poster Contest collection as well as insightful articles about Jamaica’s lifestyle culture and its global impact by a number of writers including Pat Meschino, Vinette Pryce, Anicee Gaddis, Kwaku, David Stopps and Dr. Carolyn Cooper.

Official events being produced by partners including DubForceRadio and British Black Music will include live concerts, film screening, sound system dances, industry panels and well as product launches and Reggae parties hosted by strategic venues in various cities. Celebrations in the UK will highlight the Jamaica to UK legacy of the Windrush Generation on JulyOne.

IRD events in the UK are being organized between June 30-July 3 by BBM/BMC and its IRD UK partners, which include Reggae Fraternity UK, Reggae Village Trinity, Ready For The World, Goldsmiths, University Of London, HiCrEC Music, UKUNSIGNED and Brent Black Music Co-op, consists of:

·  Special all-night session on June 30th hosted by veteran UK sound system and IRD 2017 honouree Jah Shaka

·  All day conference at the University of London with music, award presentations, talks and film screenings covering Reggae history, copyright and highlighting issues affecting the Reggae community and recognizing some the veterans in front and behind the microphone.

·  ‘Reggae Tree’ planting in Harlesden to underscore Harlesden and Brent’s claim to being the Reggae capital of British Reggae. It is hoped the ‘Reggae Tree’ would have become one of the north-west London borough’s cultural assets by the time Brent celebrates its Borough of Culture status in 2020.

·  Reggae @ 50 – Women In Reggae’ photographic exhibition  with a special event on July 3 with the featured photographer.

·  Catch A Fire club night

IRD parties will also include an all day beach party hosted by ‘The Boardwalk’ in Portmore, Jamaica, a boat party in Taiwan, a record launch party in Portland, Oregon, sound system party in Genoble, France and a live radio special in Belize City.

International Reggae Day (IRD) is the first ever annual calendar event to be officially proclaimed and dedicated to celebrating the best of Jamaica’s lifestyle music and its impact on global culture.  The annual initiative seeks to mobilize the music lovers in the global Reggae community on JulyOne to build bridges and deepen the appreciation for Jamaica’s creative legacy.

The JulyOne movement will engage the global Reggae community through social media activities including tree plantings, 1Love yoga sessions, playlists and media features.   Discount retail specials will be offered by participating IRD Reggae 360X retailers in appreciation for those wearing their Reggae colours between June 30-JulyOne.  Participating retailers from Kingston and beyond include Bridget Sandals and Norma’s Whitehall in Kingston and Juicin for Life in Nassau.


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