Interview with Lutan Fyah

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How does Lutan Fyah view Reggae music today?
Well for me music is life n music life is what I live asfor the industry itself, we may know or not know the inside works of the business.
For me I’m always glad to see younger talents that do the culture side of Jamaica music. Today we can see a lot of great talents emerging from a cultural background, it’s building to what is should be.

Where do you see Reggae music in ten years?
Well, no one can judge the ways of music and we don’t know where it will go when JAH is in control. Reggae music is the future and we all should get a collection of this lifetime music.

Where in the world have you traveled to represent Reggae Music?
Well my music has taken me to most parts of the world: Europe, Russia,USA and South America, Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium, France, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Slovenia, and Croatia. Also this year I have shows in Costa Rica, Japan, & Canada so far with more being added.

How does your music influence the youths?

The music I sing is a reasoning from the inspiration I get from life itself, things are not always good and people are not always positive. My lyrics is what I gather from learning from m y surroundings and that makes it possible for the people to understand what I sing about. It’s a connection I feel from the listener’s energy that bring out more of what we stand for.

What do you think about youths in reggae music today?

I would say it’s a good thing because we live in a crucial time when people need leaders to raise the standard by which they judge the world. For me, they are special in this time.

What are your thoughts on women?

I hail woman, I praise and pray for woman.

Matriculate own boss.

Woman is the same as always and today it has become more competitive for female as they strive for independence.

But without a woman the world is completely broken.

But she’s always a sister a mother, the comforter that I can’t do without.

How does Lutan Fyah view governments?

Governments are figment of real governance .

Leaders are people who is in the seat of direction, the responsibility is in their hands to bring the people to a future of peace and harmony. But the world today is in turmoil due to bad, selfish and divisive decisions by social leaders.

While in the selfish and ambitious desire they create rules and laws to keep and safeguard wealth, while the people that work face it to pass the system and hoard what they earn from hard work.

How does your music influence the future?

In a positive way due to the lyrical


People should get a collection

Do you have any new projects coming out?

Yes, I’m always in the studio. We have a new album called Real Love Showcase releasing April 27, it’s available for pre-order now online. There will also be more music coming out later this year. Stay tuned.





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