Introducing New Song from King Tappa: Bad Energy

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Introducing New Song from King Tappa:
Bad Energy

Bad Energy was released in 2019 on King Tappa’s sophomore album titled “Feeling the Vibes”. The song was not released as a single then however, during the pandemic it started gaining some recognition by local DJ’s and fans.

The song was written to uplift anyone feeling down or surrounded by negative toxic energy, to let them know that they have to get rid of all negativity in their lives and remain focused on their goals.

Many listeners claimed that given the change in the world with the pandemic
and how they are feeling they feel like they relate
to the song.

King Tappa states, “The idea of the song came to me while listening to the beat.
I am really focused on my career and the choices I make in life.
Most times we are interrupted by loved ones or friends that give us so many
of their problems and stress to digest, not realizing that we have our own issues to deal with. Bad Energy is the song that gives you the energy to say NO;
to stand up and not be taken advantage of; to not take crap from anyone
or sit and listen to negative toxic energy. It’s a dance and motivation song
at the same time.’’

“I created the song to help people be more vocal and say how they
feel about a toxic environment or situation.
Fire burn bad energy — we don’t want this around us. 
It’s all about positive vibes only. Stay focused.”

King Tappa has written over 100 songs and has done excessive amounts of dubplates and jingles for many different sound systems worldwide. He released his second album in the summer of 2019 titled “Feeling the Vibes”.

This album comes a decade after his first release, which is sure to prove
he has grown significantly over the years through his music and performances.
The album garnered a lot of traction within the USA, Africa and the Caribbean with major reviews from The Jamaica Observer, Star and Gleaner
as well as a Tanzanian magazine.

King Tappa has been performing at the annual Orange Caribbean Festival in
New Jersey for the past several years. He has also performed at the
New Brunswick Caribbean Festival in New Jersey, Can Jam Festival in
Canada and May Fest Dominica to name a few. His most memorable performance so far has been in Nairobi Kenya in 2016.

Name of Album: Feeling the Vibes
Name of Label: King Tappa Productions



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