ISRAEL VIBRATION & ROOTS RADICS – ‘Jah Guide Us’ Tour – March, 2022

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ISRAEL VIBRATION & ROOTS RADICS – ‘Jah Guide Us’ Tour – March, 2022

Catch Israel Vibration on tour in March!
Israel Vibration has an extensive catalog of music that consistently keeps coming with many classic hits such as Ball Of Fire, Get Up & Go, Cool & Calm, Why Worry, Vultures, Licks & Kicks, The Same Song Their latest album release is called Play it Real Along with the album there is a music video called Man Up.
Israel Vibration has done many major US tours with Kings Music International featuring Wiss and Skelly and Bunny Brissett on vocals. Their extensive music catalog spread out worldwide before the CD market went online. Ras Records and Jim Fox of Lion and Fox recording Studios in Washington DC were instrumental in setting their foundation as one of the greatest reggae groups in the history of reggae music.
Mention the name Israel Vibration in reggae music circles and watch the warmth of recognition and appreciation of anyone who has seen or heard this very special vocal group. The positive vibrations emanating from the music of Israel Vibration have been spellbinding audiences, critics and DJs for over three decades. The lead vocalists, Wiss and Skelly cast a harmonious musical spell, weaving traditional roots reggae with a mesmerizing sound and deeply spiritual message. Israel Vibrations have been touring very strong worldwide for many years. They are regularly featured internationally on most of the major Reggae Festivals.
Cecil Spence (Skelly) and Lascelle Bulgin (Wiss) were born in Jamaica. Each is a victim of Polio. They met as children in the Mona Rehabilitation Center into which they were placed because of their families’ limited resources and their needs for specialized medical care. They learned early on the necessity for developing survival skills, and although polio is an undeniably crippling and debilitating disease, the youths never let their physically challenging situation overcome their willpower and creative abilities. They found strength in the faith of Rastafari through the guidance of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, and began composing and singing songs which expressed their spiritual beliefs.
Their spirituality and stance on issues relating to their residency at the Mona Rehabilitation Center caused them to be expelled from that institution. Undaunted, they found solace, comfort, and sustenance in their music, which won them the support of their local community and provided them with encouragement to pursue their music careers. They began recording in 1976, enjoying a hit with the poignant Same Song, which was licensed to EMI and brought the group international attention.
Fri March 11 – Santa Barbara, CA – Elings Park – Evenings at Elings
Sat March 12 – Salinas, CA – Fox Theatre
Sun March 13 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley
Wed March 16 – Arcata, CA – Humboldt Brews
Thurs March 17 – Redway, CA – Mateel Community Center
Fri March 18 – Pacifica, CA – Longboard
Sat March 19 – Los Angeles – Ecoplex
Sun March 20 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House
Tues March 22 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up
Fri March 25 – Placerville, CA – El Dorado County Event Center – The Reggae Campout Festival
Sun March 27 – Denver, CO – Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox
Contact: Peter Wardle, Kings Music International
(510) 326-8445 or peter@kingsmusicintl.com

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