Jah Tung – Australia’s rising reggae star

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Jah Tung

proper noun // literally “message of higher consciousness”
The title Jah Tung is an acknowledgement that the artist is merely a vessel, tapping into the divine source of life! Jah Tung has always found a more accurate, wholistic, relevant and relatable avenue of expression in singing, writing music and poetry. With that gift comes responsibility. The responsibility to glorify The Most High, to use this power of influence to unite and uplift the masses to a state of common consciousness and Oneness! Although it is often a burden, the mission of a Rastaman is a constant and continuous struggle for real truths and rights!
When Kane Luschwitz was 15 years old, he began rediscovering the roots of Reggae and Rastafari, including the history of it’s music in the roots of his own family. From writing poems and acoustic songs during the countless hours spent on the road in a motorhome travelling around Australia with his family, it was a small step to begin collaborating with his cousin, Matthew Walker. Together, and collaborating with a variety of close friends, they began a studio project “ASD” (All Systems Dread), and once back in school, Kane got involved with the Talent Advancement Program and Talent Development Project to hone his vocal skills. As a result, he was given numerous opportunities to perform and formed the acoustic duo “The Missing Peace” with longtime school friend and guitar virtuoso, Michael Iannotti.

“Perhaps having a cultural background that is atypical or contrasted to my appearance had led me, at a young age, to let go of the physical limitations and expectations and search deeper within myself, aligning with a more relevant message, sound and overall energy and vibe.”

With the realisation of his new title “Jah Tung” in 2010 came a more serious focus on music. He joined the band “This Version” as keyboardist and backing vocalist and played venues such as The Rocklily at Star City Casino, Enmore Theatre and Catlins River Festival (NZ). A year later, as lead vocalist, cowriter and coproducer, with cousin Matthew Walker, his first online release was published (“ASD Mixtape”), directly followed by the EP “Concrete Roots” in 2012, a collaboration with Satty Dub.

From 2013 onward, the young singer began branching out from Reggae and blending his sound with other influences. The artists Matuse & Kazi introduced him to the local HipHop scene and helped him to network; he featured heavily on their “Third Eye King” album and did many shows with them.

While setting up a home studio and starting to produce on his own, he kept up collaborations with artists such as L-FRESH The Lion, RayJah45, 316, Mirrah, Chrispy (from Sleepwalkers) and Jinz Moss (UK) as well as having opened tours as support act for Kurupt & DJ Kwik (USA), Deadly Hunta (UK), Katchafire (NZ) and the Easy Star All-Stars (UK).
His local connections culminated in his involvement in the “Sydney vs. Everybody” initiative, which included performances by Matuse, Nate Wade, B-Wise, Jeriet Dwight & many more. As a more personal fulfilment, he released his first solo project “The Soul Food EP” (available at www.jahtung.bandcamp.com) in early
2015, a groundbreaking work that highlights the connections between Reggae, HipHop, Soul, R’n’B and the countless elements that resonate with the energy and conviction of this ruminative lyricist’s material.

“The music scene in Europe is reflective of and interdependent upon the social and cultural awareness of the population: thriving! Wherever people are open minded, free thinking, socially active, culturally welcoming and spiritually sensitive, music and art will prosper in countless forms.”

One of Jah Tung’s most formative  experiences so far was a trip to Europe in 2015. Designed as a cultural holiday, it quickly became a music business journey that brought him into contact with the right people at the right time. Thus, he recorded a full album with Berlin’s “Dirty Ragga Squad” (DRS) which is yet to be released under the title “Outernational Citizen”. His exceptional style of singing was well received by the European crowd, and he appeared as live guest at the reggaespace.com radio show as well as on stage in Yaam (Berlin), Mayday Street Festival (Berlin), Bar 227 (Hamburg), Grüner Jäger (Hamburg) and Hafenklang (Reggae by The River Festival, Hamburg), sharing stage with artists such as Don Minott (USA), Bellaroush (SWE), Rapha Pico (NL) and Lengualerta (MEX) & Longfingah (GER) with iLLBiLLY HiTEC (GER).

At age 27, the artist is now back in Sydney and fully equipped to launch his international career. Building momentum both locally and globally with the recently released collaborative EP single with London reggae legend Gappy Ranks, on the Jamaican label 11-7 Records, Jah Tung is consistently busy both in studio and on stage.A unique voice, uplifting and skilfully written lyrics as well as a charismatic presence make him a star on the rise that adds his light to the universal pursuit of righteousness, justice and peace.

“The honest evaluation of these experiences and affairs are what allows for an understanding and appreciation for such devices as Reggae music, a genre and movement that blossomed from amongst the same oppression and suffering as that which the Australian Indigenous community is currently under. I witnessed cultural and social struggles of minorities from a young age, developing a strong appreciation and passion for cultural diversity and spiritual liberation as a youth. This supports my resonance with Reggae music and the Rastafari consciousness and spirituality, two separate but interdependent movements that express unconditional Love and Oneness as the primaryconcern.”

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