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Empress Jah9Kingston, Jamaica – Empress Jah9 loves avocado, and she expresses this love in 80’s dancehall style on her Rory Stonelove produced single, ‘Avocado’. According to her, “the fruit (which is also a vegetable) is enough to inspire pen to paper.  The song was literally written at the breakfast table”

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‘Avocado’ is a departure from Jah9’s more serious and thought provoking tracks from her debut album, ‘New Name’. “Avocado is that spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down”

The video provides viewers with a fresh new feminine and creative side of this powerful vocalist.

Jah9 personally wrote the treatment for the video and collaborated with director Samo Kush-i of Destination Roots to bring her story to life.

She shared that she is “very excited to share this song and happy I was able to tell the story in my own way, honouring the light hearted nature with which it was written but still injecting important messages in a more universally appealing way”.

The video was premiered via Wallstreet Journal’s entertainment blog on Wednesday, November 12. View the official visuals for ‘Avocado’ on Jah9’s recently re-designed website, Jah9.com.

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