Jamaican Roots Reggae Duo, Based In Germany, Releases New Song And Video

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Roots Reggae duo, The PathHeights, has just released a new roots reggae song and video, titled, ‘With Love.’ Powerful, thought provoking and deep are just a few of the words being used by music insiders to describe the record.

While strumming on his guitar, Aumuna, one half of The PathHeights, raises several issues such as: mental imprisonment, the collective obsession with vanity and material wealth and the general lack of self love that seem to be dominating the people of the world. In it he says; “why dem a worry when dem have it all – building tower so high if it’s not upon love it fall,” while Akosua Aset, his wife and the other half of the group, harmonizes.

The official video which was publicized on August 13th shows the King and Queen singing the track side by side while their son (the Prince) enjoys life as it should be, natural. To drive the message home, clips of a woman who seem to be caught up in the “rat race” are included, as well as a live performance , gathering and meditation scene. Persons may watch the official video here and the song can be downloaded for free from their website: www.thepathheights.com.

For more information on The PathHeights contact them at pathheights@gmail.com


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