Joana LeRoque / Reggae Festival Magazine Catches Up With Rita Marley

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Rita Marley

RFG: Please tell our readers about the inspiration for your upcoming limited-edition vinyl-only release Best of Rita Marley on the Tuff Gong Worldwide Label…

RM: It is a collection that highlights my career as a solo artist. The songs featured include some of the greatest hits chart-wise as well as music that holds a special place in our culture and also with me personally. For example, One Draw was very controversial when it was released. Many stations would not play the song, yet what is going on all over the world today shows us that we were ahead of our time.

RFG: What advice do you have for female artists navigating the reggae music industry?

RM: Believe in yourself and your talent; pray and work hard.

RFG: What are some of your favorite songs to sing?

RM: The Lord’s Prayer is still a favorite of mine.

RFG: Who is on your playlist? What other artists do you listen to regularly?

RM: I listen to all of the new music coming from my children and grandchildren, of course. Along with that I enjoy music that uplifts and encourages people spiritually. Kevin Downswell is an artist that I listen to regularly.

RFG: Can you please tell us more about the Rita Marley Foundation and its mission? 

RM: The Rita Marley Foundation is born out of the principles of love, compassion and empowerment for all people.

We work to promote good health and welfare among socially and economically disadvantaged communities. The Rita Marley Foundation has conceptualized and implemented several projects and programs to achieve its mission including, the annual National High School Public Speaking Competition and Essay Competition which are  the most highly recognized in Jamaica; construction of the Alpha & Omega Home for the Aged in Konkonuru, Ghana, West Africa; and provision of several boreholes that supply clean, safe, portable water to  the 3000 residents in the rural Konkonuru community.

You can learn more about us at our website www.ritamarleyfoundation.org


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