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The former lead singer of Black Uhuru, with chart topping hits including the monster hits One Blood and This is Why I’m Hot, Junior “One Blood” Reid is a worldwide Reggae/Dancehall Legend, universally loved and respected by fellow artists and fans. At the age of eighteen, Junior was asked to be the lead singer of Black Uhuru. While he was a member, the group was nominated twice for a Grammy Award in the Reggae category. Opening for their father on this February 2018 Living Legend tour is his son – Yung JR. Junior’s last album The Living Legend was released in 2016 and he has a new album finished called Kingston, Yard Style scheduled to be released in February 2018.

In 1989 Reid left Black Uhuru and went solo with the release of the One Blood album, whose title track became a worldwide anthem. Reid’s longevity has a lot to do with the timelessness of the song One Blood. This song’s universal message is similar that of Bob Marley’s One Love. The One Blood remix with Game crossed over to hip-hop and urban audiences, leading to a string of hip-hop/ reggae collaborations with the likes of Poor Righteous Teachers, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, Guru’s Jazzmataz, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Cool and Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Reid stays busy. In December, 2017 he released a video called Bread Man also featuring the artist Style OG. He has an earlier video release with Junior Reid and Casidy called I’m so Crazy. His collaboration track Ancient Love on Naz and Junior Gong’s CD sold phenomenally. Other of his successful singles include State of Emergency, Love Your Brother, These Streets Belongs to Me and I Just Love Jamaican Chocolate. Junior recently performed on shows in Jamaica called Sound The Alarm on New Years Eve and the Mountain view Jamboree on January 1, 2018. Saturday January 6 he is scheduled to perform on a show in Jamaica called Shaggy & Friends. Reid owns one of the hottest nightclubs in Kingston Jamaica called Junior Reid’s Nightclub, The View and the Spot.

Reid’s video release, The Real O.G. (Jordan Tower Films), received over eight million views in the first week. The Real O.G. song itself was produced by Blackout Movements and JR Records. Junior Reid has won many major music awards in Jamaica. November 2007, he was featured on the American Music Awards with Alicia Keys on prime time American television. One Blood was sampled by The Game for It’s Okay, and features Junior on the #1 hit off of The Game’s album. Junior is also featured on MMS remix to the chart topping single This is Why I’m Hot. This single was a number one song on the radio and in the clubs, and the video was on heavy rotation on BET. He also featured on a Fabulous track with his song Real Gangster Don’t Play.

Junior Reid has played many major festivals and has toured North America and Europe extensively. Reid’s live show is hot hot with a repertoire of hit after hit songs. Junior Reid is ever ready for action. With his incisive, prophetic lyrics and unstinting support for the ghetto man, Junior remains a powerful roots artist well known and loved worldwide. He is currently picking up the pace. Junior has numerous great anthem songs. Junior Reid is hot.

Co-billing with his father Junior, Yung JR, one of his sons was born in Kingston, Jamaica on December 7, 1992. Ababa Jahnoi Reid, Yung JR was destined for greatness. With his father being the famed Reggae legend, music was entrenched in his DNA. From as early as three years old, Yung J.R recalls his first instrument given to him by his father as being a toy drum set. Many of his childhood days were spent in his father’s recording studio where he fell in love with the creative process of making music.

At the age of seven, Yung JR began recording music at a nearby studio in Kingston 6 Mona Heights. Three years later, he, his grandmother and his younger sister temporarily migrated to Africa where he was enrolled at Tot for Teens for one year. Whilst in Africa, Yung J.R was a member of a drumming crew which originated at The Edna Manley School of Arts in Jamaica. Upon his return to Jamaica and completing high school, Yung J.R migrated to America where he actively began pursuing a musical career with the stage name Yung Jr. His traveling to different continents and countries, coupled with direct personal musical influences such as Junior Reid, Hugh Mundel, Garnet Silk and Poor Righteous Teachers allowed him to develop an appreciation for artists and the diverse genres of music.

With the release of “Voices”, a remix of his father’s 1996 “Listen to the Voices”, that Yung J.R became cemented in the hearts of his peers as a recording artiste. Since then, he has collaborated with his father as well as underground rapper, Chris Matic to release singles such as My City (2011), and High High (2012).

As an upcoming recording artiste, Yung Jr has appeared on numerous stage shows on his own and opening for his father Junior Reid. Signed to the MGP label, Yung JR is working on his soon to be released E.P “Start the Movement” with producer and brother Adoney Reid. The E.P hosts songs such as Raggamuffin and General and will feature talents such as Regga Revival Artiste Jesse Royal and his older brother Juju Reid.


To date, Jamaican-born singer Junior Reid, a devout Rastafarian regarded by many as a messenger from Jah, is best known for the hit singles Foreign Mind, One Blood, Boom Shak-a-Lak and Listen to the Voices. He also served as the lead singer for the Grammy Award-winning Reggae group Black Uhuru.

Born on the 6th of June, Delroy “Junior” Reid grew up in the Waterhouse
district of West Kingston. Junior began his career at an early age, gaining his initial inspiration from a tough upbringing. He recorded his first single, Speak the Truth at age fourteen for the late singer Hugh Mundell. His second release, Know Myself was released in the UK on the flip side of the Hugh Mundell 12 inch, Can’t Pop No Style, on the Greensleeves label. He then went on to form his own band, The Voice of Progress, and after a local hit with Minibus Driver, the group’s success was established with the album of the same name.

At the age of eighteen, Junior was asked to join Black Uhuru as lead singer. The group completed their transformation to international status while he was a member, nominated twice for a Grammy Award in the Reggae category. After many changes in the music business, and an agreed separation among the members of Black Uhuru, Junior returned to the solo arena and started his own production company, J.R. Productions.

Once again a solo artist, Junior recorded a number of songs for J.R. Productions and Sugar Minott’s Youth Promotion label, enjoying considerable popularity with tracks such as Human Nature, A-1 Lover, Uplifting and Proud Statement. 1988 saw the release of Junior’s first solo album, One Blood. The One Blood single was remixed by Paul “Trouble” Anderson and released worldwide on Big Life/Mercury Records. That track and Long Road received nominations for the prestigious Caribbean Music Awards and the Jamaica Music Industry Awards. He won awards for Best Album, Best Single, Best Song and Most Conscious Lyrics at the Jamaica Music Industry Awards. The follow-up to One Blood was the album Visa, which was distributed by the Greensleeves and Ras labels in addition to his J.R. Productions label.

During his music career Junior Reid has performed around the globe from Bermuda to Japan. He has proven to be a durable and popular entertainer on the world stage. In 1993, after a winning performance in Jamaica at the Montego Bay Superfest, Junior toured Europe alongside Sugar Minott, the 809 Band, and Dub poet Mutabaruka. Junior was also featured in the biggest one-night show in Jamaica, the Sting, from 1996 to ‘98. Following exceptional performances at Sting and other shows, he was offered a starring role in the Jamaican film ‘Klash’, produced by Billy Parker.

In 1997 Junior produced the album True World Order. He performed on the True World Order Tour in the United States and United Kingdom. He also teamed up with Busta Rhymes and Bounty Killa to record the hit single Change Like the Weather. He recorded the single Dreadful Day with rappers Poor Righteous Teachers and, joined by the artist Cannibus, recorded the song Frounsi Sound Bwoy for the Universal label.

Throughout his career he has done numerous interviews for television, radio
and newspapers and performed extensively internationally. In a producing role, Junior has lent his talents to various other artists. Early on, he worked with Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and the Mighty Diamonds to name few. More recently, he has produced Andrew & ‘Wada Blood (his sons), Elephant Man, Delly Ranks, Luciano and Anthony B. Reid has worked closely with Rap artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Goroo from Gangstar, the Absolute Beginners (from Germany) and Cold Cut.

In the year 2000 Mr. Reid/J.R. Productions distributed the Emanuel Calling album, featuring the songs Mashing Up the Earth, John Law and Trod Up A-Zion. He toured the United States and Caribbean, garnering raves. In 2002 Rasta Government was released. Lost Vinyl Classics was released in 2005. This compilation of singles has sold exceptionally well. The cover artwork is a classic. Junior’s last album The Living Legend was released in 2016 and he has a new album scheduled to be released in February 2018.

With his incisive, prophetic lyrics and unstinting support for the ghetto man, Junior remains a powerful roots artist well known and loved worldwide. He is currently picking up his pace. Junior has numerous great anthem songs. Junior Reid is hot.


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