Love Is The Way Forward — A Dialogue of Necessity During Miami Art Week / Art Basel (2019) – Paying It Forward.

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Due to our brother and honoree Vaughn Michael Benjamin the voice of Midnite and Akae Beka  transitioning to Zion, The Most High have directed us to make this event complimentary to the public in honor to this beacon of light. To gain entry you MUST register/RSVP and any donations are greatly appreciated. No matter who leaves the principle remains. One perfect love to all. We look forward to seeing the family at this wonderful event in honor of this beacon of light — the livication of Vaughn Benjamin.

Honoring: Vaughn Benjamin, Legendary prolific speaker and singer songwriter of Midnite and Akae Beka from USVI;

David Banner American rapper, record producer, actor, activist, and philanthropist;

Amara La Negra, Afro-Latina recording artist and reality star  from Dominican Republic; 

Mutabaruka, Jamaican dub poet, actor, and educator from Jamaica;

Jah9, artist, activist, certified yoga instructor and dub poet from Jamaica;  

Dr. Julius Garvey, son of Pan-African activist Marcus Garvey from Jamaica;

Aja Monet, American contemporary poet, writer, lyricist and activist of Cuban-Jamaican descent;

Mary Spio, author and developer of innovative content solutions and tools for distributing virtual-reality;

A discussion on the necessity of love as a unifying force in our communities and in our world will be the central theme of the next AFRIKIN® Talks. There is a need for an exchange — discussion that crosses boundaries and utilizes a new vocabulary on the importance of strengthening ourselves, our families and our communities on the basis of love — Universal Love is The Way Forward. The faces of our planet now reveal amalgams of ethnicities that reflect our indigenous past and expanding future as seen in the rise of such modern cultures as Afro-LatinX … 

AFRIKIN® Talks’ Art of Conversation brings together speakers that reverberate the voices of previous leaders who faced historical turning points in their struggle for equal rights, love, justice, respect and unity.  Family members step forward into the present with other innovators and thinkers for the artful introduction of this new dialogue at this crucial time in human history when divisions must be removed for those making an effort to survive and proceed onward.  

Our way forward now begins as we gather to contemplate the rebuilding of not only one Africa, the communities of the African Diaspora but the entire human family. Bob Marley sang, poignantly in his plead for mankind to have “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright”. 

We must remain in service to humanity. This event honors and pays respect to all of us — our families and those who came before us — bringing us all together at a milestone in the journey toward the future -– from “tears to triumph,” We invite you to an artful introduction to a shift in reality during Miami Art Week / Art Basel for AFRIKIN® Talks’ – Art of Conversation.  

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