Lushy Banton :: “Black Lives Matter”

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Lushy BantonLushy Banton, the hot new dancehall lantern, is a firey, explosive outburst of high voltage dancehall energy. Lushy’s smooth and supremely confident style of singing and rapping is as compelling on stage in live performances as it is in studio recordings, and in the past year, with numerous accolades under his belt, Lushy has quickly become one of the most important reggae artists to emerge from the United States market region. His hot new single ‘The Undocumented/ Message’ is rapidly blazing up the airwaves as it builds momentum from reggae stations across the country, and the compelling hook is a hot-button issue from coast to coast- immigration! A new video clip for the single has also just hit the streets.

Lushy is a musical gift to the world from the Grants Pen area of Kingston, Jamaica. His father was a busy promoter who staged numerous dances in the Grants Pen area so Lushy was thrown into the world of reggae entertainment from a very early age. That early immersion had its advantages as he was able to meet many of the movers and shakers of the industry with an insider’s view of how things worked. But despite those links, Lushy had to perfect his dancehall skills the hard, old fashioned way- by basically growing up in the dancehall, licking his wounds when they came along, and being forced to spit piercing, “kill-a-sound-boy” type lyrics at the drop of a hat. He understood from early in his teenage years how valuable it was to hold a microphone, and how talented one had to be to keep the microphone for an extended period of time. And Lucky Lushy had the good fortune of juggling with some of Kingston’s finest sound systems, including the internationally acclaimed Stereo One that was headquartered in the Grants Pen area as well as the eternally famous Stone Love.

With Lushy’s steadfast passion for reggae music, it was inevitable that recording opportunities would come along, and come they did- from several angles. From the Striker Lee Label came his first release,Gal Uno Sweet on the compilation album entitled Bam Bam. Other labels like Stone Love and Adex Records jumped in on the Lushy Banton action too andmore chart blazers followed, including Brown Eye Girl,  Oh Noo (with Wyclef Jean),  Mate Hear Say, Think Me Done, So Much Trouble and Exercise.

But Lushy Banton’s current hot single ‘The Undocumented/ Message’ is not the first record to change his fortunes in the reggae arena. A few years ago, in the middle of a fervent presidential election campaign, Lushy dropped his now famous Obama song. The single and its accompanying videoclip were immediately embraced by radio and television, winning new votes for Barrack Obama and new fans forLushy Banton. The song bulldozed Lushy to the front pages and center stage, and won him a 2009 nomination for Best Obama Song in the very prestigious IRAWMA (International Reggae & World Music Awards) in New York.

After Lushy migrated to New Jersey in the United States, new opportunities for touring and live performances have unfolded across the country- numerous dates in the South and the Northeast, in the reggae hubs along the Californian West Coast and at mega events in the Midwest like the annual Festival of Life in Chicago. With his immigration single ‘The Undocumented/ Message’ out and bubbling, Lushy will be expected to make appearance on various summer and fall shows in key reggae markets later this year.

“I enjoy every moment of my reggae career, and I am thrilled that my current single has put focus on a topic of great importance to our people- immigration”, Lushy commented. “Music is what I have always wanted to do and I am continuously coming up with fresh ideas and creative plans that will enable me to be the best I can be”, he told New Yorkers on a recently broadcast interview with Future Movement Radio in Atlanta. Lushy Banton continues to expand his fan base daily. ‘The Undocumented/ Message’ forms part of a forthcoming EP scheduled for release fromLushy Banton in the fall.




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