Mac Staging causes last minute cancellation of Jaharvestfest 2016

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Mac Staging Company was hired to do the lights, sound, and staging for Jaharvestfest 2016. They were supposed to set-up on Friday the day before the concert. Arrangements were made with the Fairgrounds and the site was available all day. We were contacted Friday morning by the owner of Mac Staging, asking when they could start set-up. He was told that the venue would be open all day for them to setup as we had planned. He assured us that his “crew” would be there and have everything setup by 8am Saturday.

His “crew” of 2, arrived at the venue around 8pm with half the staging and nothing else. They called the Rev to inform him that they only had one truck available and that they would have to setup what they had and go back to pick up the rest of the stage, lighting, and the mains for the sound system. (The major part of the sound system, we were informed on that Thursday was subcontracted to a Sacramento based sound company, and we had to pay them their share of the deposit and the rest sent to Mac Staging which was the first violation of our agreement, but it was handled and we moved on.) The two crewman then informed Rev that they would need to go back and pick up the rest of the staging and that the owner would be driving back with them and another truck with the rest of the sound system and lights so they would be set up no later than noon Saturday. Their only problem is that they had been sent out with a truck that was supposed to be fully gassed up and wasn’t and they needed a couple hundred dollars of their balance to get back to pick up the rest of the equipment. So, after rehearsals the Rev met with them at the fairgrounds to give them the money. This was around 1am. They promised they would be back and have everything ready for the sound to be setup by noon. That didn’t happen.

They didn’t get back until 2pm because they were delayed by the owner, and when they got back the lights and the rest of the sound were still with the owner who never left because he had a “seizure”. The sound company offered to get the lights and the rest of the sound from their sources but they wouldn’t be able to be ready until 7pm. That meant losing 4 hours of music, which was unacceptable. So we very reluctantly cancelled the event. All the artists were here and ready.

We have been producing all kinds of events since 1976 and this is the first time this has happened to us. It will not happen again. So once again we apologize to all the massive effected. We will be doing more events soon.

Blessed Love,

Olufunmi Presents


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