Marla Brown’s new EP “Survivor”

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Marla Brown

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Label: Golden Brown Music

Marla Brown, the gifted Princess, has delivered yet another thorough project filled with beautiful lyrical content and flow which focuses on what she believes to be most important in life: Self-Love, Faith and Unity.

“SURVIVOR,” being Marla’s second EP release, encourages her listeners to rise above anything that conflicts with self. Whether that be channeled by the system and or through relationships.

“I feel society has a detrimental way of molding us into being something we are not. Something or somebody we were not already destined to be. We are not merely products of the system, we are unique beings created by an incredible Higher Being. We were made from royalty, made in the Lord’s likeness, thus being beautiful lights of the world so why should we conform and be made to feel uncomfortable within our own skin? Love self and give thanks for being YOU!”

Without neglecting her 3 golden rules, Marla melodically communicates these fundamentals, taking us on a journey of little examples which may challenge our being.


Whilst shedding light on these scenarios, Marla proudly and triumphantly pays homage to her “Mumma” (Yvonne Brown aka Yvonne’s Special (label) during the process as she believes “Mothers are our ammunition in preparing us for the battlefield (life)” in her song “MUMMA KNOWS BEST.”

Marla strongly believes that in all things, family (unity) is one of the most important aspects of life and is extremely happy to celebrate her Mother for showing her and her siblings the true meaning of love whilst laying a great foundation for them to discover the world and her purpose. “My Mum taught me how to love and to naturally remain ever thankful to the Most High for his amazing works and blessings.”

Marla clearly and visibly communicates love and happiness, yet is no stranger in being transparent in all that she says and does and for that, she is truly and genuinely loved by many.

“Be confident within your own skin. Be open to love and be loved. Never question your intention and always hold your head high. Ask questions, God has you.”

Faith Love and Unity, Marla Brown holds the true energy and key in being a real living Survivor of this generation and is proud to celebrate this until her heart is content.


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