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These are new tracks from Reggae/Reggaeton recording Artiste Max Dread Minaya.

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Ando Buscando Un Amor “Merengue Version”

Las Mujeres Feat. Lady Lee

Si Pudieras ser inocente Feat. VillanoSam

Max “Dread” Minay Biography

Max Minaya is the second oldest child of eight children, three from his house hold family, the other four from his biological father. Max was born In June in Puerto Plata, In the Dominican Republic.  Max is a writer, poet and composer. He inspire to write poetry and composes and sings about issues of life, world happenings, culture, equal rights and Justice, Injustice and most of all peace on this earth.   Max is a college graduate, graduating from the University Of Massachusetts obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Law, with a Bachelor Degree in Spanish.  Max “Dread” Minaya also earned his Master Degree from Cambridge College in 2005, in the field of Business Management Administration.  He started composing because of what he felt  witnessing  injustice among races because of believe, appearance, Background, or by the simplicity of Color.  Also by the consequences of  the Phenomenon “War”.     A lot of Innocents perishing , poor and still hungry.  Proud of his Dominican Heritage “I Have no Barriers, as We all People, one blood one life.” Rastafari Live! , Jesus Christ Live!, The Almighty Live! Togetherness shall bring peace!

Max “Dread” Minaya has performed in concert with artists as Red Rat, Dominic Marte, Dominican Republic  legend Beny Sadel, Bachata singer Rafy Dias, Merengue Sensation July July,  Barbados own Lady Lee, Jamaican singer Journalist Bandoo and Reggae legend sons, Stephen Marley, Kymani Marley and dancehall super star Spraga Benz and others.

Max has an Album in Store “America” Released by Hill top Records In Los Angeles California in March of 2002, Which he Co-Composed.  Among other Albums  by Hill top Records, Hill top Country released on in June of 2003, Country Magic released in May of 2003, and the Gospel Album In the beginning also released on June of 2003. WWW.Hilltoprecords.com   Amerecord, America At War released on July of 2003 , and Star Route U.S.A in Hollywood CA . WWW.Amerecord.biz   He also released his solo Album “Message From De Heart”,  released in February of 2003 by Minaya Music Inc and Mass Pyke Productions.   Message From De Heart was reviewed in the August 2004 Dancehall issue reggae update of The Beat Magazine, Los Angeles California USA; headlining with Zizzla Kalongi, Gregory Isaacs, Delroy Wilson, Taper Zukie, Jamaican All Stars Right Tracks, Ivy Queen, Ms Thing, Patra, Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw, Kevin Little, Buju Banton and Burning Spear among others.  The internationally recognized singles “Rastaman Say A Prayer” and “Mammy Linda”  released in 2004, were reviewed in the Reggae Music Reviews Magazine in Los Angeles California USA 2005.  Also Max Dread Minaya was featured in the E-guide Magazine (Reggae Festival E-Guide Magazine) in Nevada USA with the songs “Las Mujeres” and “No Conquiste” in 2010. 

Max is also currently working on another album entitled  “The Book of Teachings” to be release in 2011 on his own label Minaya Music Inc.  Max Dread Minaya is  also working on another album entitled “Perseverance” in 2011 and a third album “Soon to prevail” by Hand Cancel and Minaya Music Inc, plan to be release also in 2011 or 2012 .   In 2009 Max was also featured in the compilation “Sample Loco”  single “Las Mujeres”, featuring Lady Lee, released by Hand Cancel Label in New York USA.

In 2007 Max Dread Minaya released ” Max Dread Minaya sampler Album” and in 2009 the album “Money is it? of his own label MinayaMusicInc.  Albums can be purchase at www.Itunes.com; www.Cdbaby.com; www.Kornerstore.net; www.Amazon.com among others sites.   Music Videos and live concerts can be view at wwwYoutube.com, available “Estranjeros” and “Rompes Corazones” among other live concerts.

Max “Dread” Minaya was nominated for the 2006 Urban Music Awards for best male in the Caribbean and Latin category and in 2008 for best male in the Caribbean and Latin Category and best single “Reggaeton pal mundo” in Boston, MA.

Max Dread Minaya was featured in the international TV show “Encuentro Latino”, www.EncuentrolatinoTv.com, live interview and music video “Estranjeros”, show number 144 aired on May 8, 2010, on Television Dominicana, Telemundo, Univision, direct TV, Dishnetwork, Cox, Comcast Boston.

Boston De Noche, Channel 26, Cuenca Vision, Boston MA, and De Noche Con Manny also in Cuenca Vision channel 26 among other shows. In the Dominican in the international recognized channel “Telemicro international” in the show “Gozalo”  2009.

Many of Max Dread Minaya’s album has been sold internationally and many of singles has been played in radio stations and clubs in many countries, Including countries in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, South America and in the United States of America.

You can find more about Max in his web pages at www.MinayaMusicInc.com  and or www.reggaemusicreviews.com; and www.Myspace.com/MaxMinaya

www.Myspace.com/wwwmyspacecommaxdread; www.Google.com, Search: Max Dread Minaya; www.SoundCloud.com/MaxDread

www.Univision.com, Search: Max Dread Minaya, www.Youtube.com, Search: Max Dread Minaya


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