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Michael Rose is no doubt one of the top reggae artists available. Michael was the lead singer on Anthem, the album that won the first reggae Grammy. His last North American tours were co-bills with Reggae Angels in August / September, 2014 and September / October 2013. In 2013 they were backed by the legendary Sly and Robbie who recorded many of Michael Rose’s greatest hits with Black Uhuru. That tour spanned North America and they gave their audiences the true original Black Uhuru sound. Michael Rose continues to headline many of the best reggae festivals in the world. 2013 he completed a North American tour that was co-billed by Sister Carol. That was also a great tour package. Michael has been touring North America steadily. Contact Peter, Kings Music International if you are interested in booking Michael Rose on tour in November / December 2015 or for Festivals.

Michael Rose is undoubtedly an exceptionally talented vocalist and performer. He has an original style and sound that was quickly embraced all over the world. Michael is the favored voice of Black Uhuru, with his Waterhouse slurs, effective songwriting, militant dancing and vocal sound. Michael was the lead singer on Anthem, the album that won the first reggae Grammy.  

Michael’s most recent hit song out there is called Stronger, which is a combination with Baby Cham, Michael Rose and Bounty Killer.  He has recently had other hit songs dominating the airwaves – Shootout, Bad a Yard and Born Jamaican. Shoot Out was a mega hit with him and Junior Gong. Another newer hit song he has out, featuring Mavado, is called Gully Gaza, which is accompanied with a music video called Paper Dog. Michael has a new CD out there called Show Down Inna Bloody Town that was released by Foreign Key Records in 2013 and is getting a lot of radio play. Michael Rose is staying current and in demand.


For over 25 years, Michael Rose has been recording and performing his brand of militant, hardcore Jamaican music to the delight of reggae fans around the world. As a solo artist, with Black Uhuru, and back as a solo artist, the “Ruff” Rose has achieved great success throughout his career, even as different Jamaican musical styles have phased in and out of popularity.

Perhaps the highest profile recognition came in 1984, when Michael Rose and the other Black Uhuru members (Duckie Simpson, Puma Jones, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare) won reggae’s first Grammy award for the album, Anthem. But the story doesn’t begin with Black Uhuru. In 1976, Michael Rose was already a seasoned performer, having honed his skills by performing on Jamaica’s hotel circuit. When an early incarnation of Black Uhuru (Ducky Simpson and Errol Nelson) approached Michael to join the group, he already had several solo singles to his credit. These include the original “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” and “Clap the Barber,” both recorded for producer Niney The Observer, and “Running Around” for Winston Campbell.

Black Uhuru’s first full length was released in 1977 and called Love Crisis. It was produced by King Jammy (then Prince Jammy), and the big hit of the album was “I Love King Selassie.” But it was not until the Showcase album was released in 1980-with a new lineup of Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson, and Puma Jones-that Black Uhuru reached their creative peak. Heartbeat reissued the set on CD (Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, HB 18), which includes the massive 12″ singles “Shine Eye Gal,” “General Penitentiary,” “Plastic Smile,” and of course, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” At the forefront of the recordings and live shows was the charismatic Michael Rose, who had incredible stage presence and a vocal style all his own. So popular was his trademark sound that singers like Don Carlos, Junior Reid, Yami Bolo , and others embraced it as the “Waterhouse” sound.

Throughout the first half of the 1980s, Black Uhuru continued their success with albums on Island Records-Sinsemilla, Red, Chill Out, and Anthem, along with compilations, dub albums, and live albums. They became the best-known reggae act since Bob Marley, and won the first reggae Grammy for Anthem in 1984. Even today, Island continues to capitalize on the group’s success by re-compiling and re-releasing the group’s Island years material.

With lead singer Michael Rose seemingly at the top of his game, he parted ways with Black Uhuru, with the intention of redefining his musical direction as a solo artist. In the early 1990s, Michael Rose suddenly appeared on the scene with new material including Jamaican singles produced by Sly & Robbie (“Monkey Business,” “Visit Them,” “One a We Two a We”), and three albums (Proud, Bonanza, and King of General) released in Japan.

As a solo artist, Michael regularly tours the U.S. and Europe, and has maintained his Jamaican fan base with hit singles on the island and abroad. He is a modern roots singer, and fits perfectly into today’s scene. With a glorious past and a wide-open future, Michael Rose is truly a reggae superstar.

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