Mystery P

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Mystery P

Singer, Songwriter, Dancer and Recording Artist

Talent, determination and hard work are the core values for Mystery P. Multi talented, not afraid to show it, by always keeping it positive and mystifying! Born as Pamella Smith, in the beautiful parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. There will be no mystery about her as her great singing and positive lyrics will certainly entertain you.

Destined to be an artist-singer as she followed her mother to sing in church from an early age. By the time she reached seven, she started singing in the children’s choir. At the age of ten, she fell in love with dancing and from then on, she was called upon to perform at every school fun day and concerts. In 1999, she was asked to perform for the Hon. P.J. Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica.

In High School Pamella organized a dance group and performed on almost every show in the Westmoreland region. As a solo dancer she won first prize at the Farm Festival Competition. In 2003 the group added singing to their repertoire. They recorded and released two singles, which gained airplay on local media. The group performed at all the local High Schools and continued to practice and hone their talents. Unfortunately, by 2006 the group disbanded but that just increased Mystery P’s desire to succeed even more.

Mystery P appeared on the “live” TV show, “Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall” in 2008 and 2016. The first time she was eliminated before the final 10. Never giving up and with the encouragement of her family and friends, she was blessed with a third place finish in 2016. During that time she also released two singles titled “Misah Government” and “Cookie Jar” which received respectable air play in Jamaica and on Internet based radio.

As a result of the buzz from the “Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall” show, Mystery P grabbed the attention of several international producers. Now Mystery P is working with Indie Rootz Records based in Canada. Soon Mystery P will be headed into the studio to work on her debut EP. With a multitude of songs to record the future is anything but a mystery. Also in her sights is a promo tour in Canada set for the summer of 2017 along with a distribution agreement with VPAL for her a new single “ Walk With Jah Jah”.

From the beginning, it has always been about the talent, determination and hard work for Mystery P and here is another step in the journey for greater success.

For Info contact:

Instagram: iam_mysteryp

Facebook: Mystery P

Twitter: @MysteryP14

Snapchat: mysteryp37@gmail.com



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