Nambo Robinson & 809 Band

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Here are some of the members of the now defunked 809 band (Nambo Robinson former band) along with former manager Copeland Forbes at the recently held Nambo Robinson,s funeral service in Kingston Jamaica.The band broke up in 1995 as most of the members went into different directions of the music fraternity,.In 2014 former manager Copeland Forbes reunite the band for the celebration of Marcia Griffiths 50th anniversary events.Forbes put together a slew of activities to commemorate the golden anniversary,Marcia toured extensively around the world with the 809 band providing musical backing for her so it was just fitting to reunite the band for this special occasion said Forbes. The reunited 809 band accompanied Marcia Griffiths on events such as the staging of the Marcia Griffiths & Friends concert at the 2014 staging of the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival held at the prestigious Multi Stadium in Trelawny Jamaica.Next stop was the fantastic Grooving in the Park outdoor concert held annually by Grooving Radio & The Door Restaurant  at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens New York.The 809 band with Nambo Robinson provided musical backing on both occassions for the Marcia Griffiths & Friends section which comprised  a slew of top notched  artists including Tony Gregory,Bob Andy,Judy Mowatt,Tony Rebel,Nadine Sutherland and Daville.The Marcia Griffiths & Friends celebration along with the reunited 809 band with Nambo Robinson and added artists Tanya Stefens and Richie Spice went on to several other places including tours of Europe and the UK and climaxed in Africa at the inaugural staging of the Abi Reggae Music Festival & Conference held in Abidjan Ivory Coast.Members of the 809 band were Leebert “Gibby” Morrison,Winston “Bopee” Bowen on guitars,Christopher Birch,Carol “Bowie” Mclaughlin,Handel Tucker and Robbie Lyn on Keyboards,Dean Fraser Chico Chin & Nambo Robinson on horns,Paul Kastick,Phanso Wilson and Desi Jones on drums,Glen Browne-Derrick Barnett and Michael Fletcher on bass with Desi Young on lead vocals and manager Copeland Forbes.



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