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New Album Release


New York – Gold Den Arkc Recordsz is proud to present
Roots Reggae Artist Jah Myharkle’s new album,
EYC ON FYAH, grafted with an intensity to hit the soul
with a high level of meditation.

Available for Pre-Save/Pre-Add on July 16
and Released on all platforms on July 23, 2021.

Roots Reggae fans will sync with the completed album,
EYC ON FYAH as it conveys a vibrancy of powerful messages from a secular perspective. This is Jah Myharkle’s 4th Album.

In the title track “EYC ON FYAH”, the artist vividly drafts an immense landscape of Emperor Haile Selassie 1st powerful revelations, while being amongst the leaders of nations and as the Godhead. As the listener grooves through the title track, they will no doubt connect with the algorithm of the metaphysics and the algebraic calculative layout. The lyrical content here highlights the relevance of Emperor Haile Selassie 1st and also works of the ancient ‘builders’ those who are of the origins.

Producer Phallu Ras Sound has this to say about the album: “The construction of these musical arrangements was built with the intent to bring a refreshing vibration to the roots and culture communities. Hard baselines and thunderous heartbeat drum patterns combine with fine acoustics and percussions. The instrumentation and compositions are designed to heighten the soul to an angelic realm. As the producer, I am a livicated supporter of the 70’s era roots reggae. In this project I chose to activate my gifts of ancient vibrations to serve the need for roots and culture by creating music that comforts the soul with a fresh modern frequency. Bringing this royal package to the table of offering the messenger is presented with radiance which can inspire the brightest of his talents.”

Artist Jah Myhrakle on the album: “Who are we not to know where and whence we came? Who are we? Who are we not to know the importance of internal light? Who are we? Who are we not to safeguard the future generation’s continuity and existence? Who are We to deny the evidence of the existence of the Almighty? Who are we not to know of IHS, HIS, HIM, HYM, the ONE YHWH? Is the evidence not sufficient and significant to 9acknowledge the realities before us? Should the groundwork and the blueprint laid out by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie go unnoticed? I would rather think not.”

Jah Myhrakle
 has proven to be one of the most outstanding, outgoing and hardworking roots Reggae messenger
over the last few years.

He has made an impact on the world with powerful collaborations including “Lead The Way” with Vaughn Benjamin
aka Akae Beka in 2019.

The heartfelt track made it to the #1 Reggae Charts globally!

As of then, The Orakle Jah Myhrakle has maximized his work ethics by constantly putting out volumes of powerful
and beautiful messages.

In 2020 he released two albums: All 4 U and Igziabeher
which also included a truckload of new singles.

Produced by Phalllu Ras Sound.
Recorded at Golden Arkc Recordsz.
Mastered by DFlow. Artwork by Tiko Petros.
Dubs by Jah B

Currently The Orakle has 13 other albums pending future release. The Warrior is a diligent and livicated brother that sees a need to propel a very needed message, which can be highly useful to the minds of those who can gravitate to his sound.

We encourage each to take a moment to listen to the potency of Jah Myrakle deliveries for there is a healthy plate of food that awaits the minds of whom are ready
to sup up highly.

   “There is a vibration going on constantly in each soul and every thing. This proves that all things are filled with life. Life Is the key fuel we need to maintain our duties and responsibilities unto the earth and primarily unto Jah. To be a part, to be able to contribute to the betterment of all our environments is a works to cherish.
Be it this is factual or just my opinion, I do my very best to bring forth an offering of goodness to server the Almighty. This I see fitting to do for it is unto HIM  Igziabeher Haile Selassie 1st all praises are due; Glorification unto HIM for all things which coexist in the “Polarity Spin.” – Jah Myhrakle 

Pre-save Link: EYC_ON_FYAH 
 Social Media Links: Album LinkFacebookInstagramYouTubeContact:golddenarkc@gmail.com jahmyhraklemusic@gmail.com


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