New Music: Yohan Marley Release Soulful Single ‘Cry For Me’ Feat Satori

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As the next generation of musical Marley’s continue to push the family name forward with tracks of their own, Bob Marley’s grandson Yohan Marley is fulfilling his destiny to soar to great prominence with a rapidly growing substantial discography.  His brand new single “Cry For Me” feat Satori release on Friday, October 25 on all major digital platforms via Ghetto Youths International. LISTEN HERE .

The track was produced by Marvin “Xpress” Gomes and Luis “Jizzle” Spencer, and features soulful North Dakota native singer, songwriter Satori. The soulful ballad laid out to a fusion of R&B, trap and underlying reggae influences tells the story of a tale as old as time… love. 

Babe wipe those tears from your eyes

Don’t believe in all those lies

Cause we’re having the time of our lives, ye, ye!

Speaking of the song meaning and creation, Yohan explained “This song is a sense of security for women or that special someone in my life lore them to know no matter what happens, everything will be okay we were in the studio and my producers played the beat and it was a natural vibe between both artist“. Satori chimed in “The song “Cry For Me” originated from the roots of Yohan’s creative soul. We met in the studio to work and he already had the song started. He channels such beautiful and relatable concepts in his music, so it was very easy for me to write my feelings from life-experience into the verse” 

Born to father Stephen Marley, Yohan’s musical influence not only stems from his legendary reggae heritage, but also from contemporary sounds as evident in his previous releases such as the electronic reggae collaboration “Burn It Down” with his eldest brother Jo Mersa Marley, and on his strong, soulful and R&B single “Special To Me” produced by French Cape Verde composer Elji Beatzkilla.

Yohan Marley credits his father Stephen’s hands-on approach for lyrical composition, arrangement, and sonically superior mastermind. As an authentic artist engulfed in the foundation of positive growth and constant change, he lives up to his purpose through the origins of his name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Yohanan’ meaning “Yahweh is gracious”.

As the successor from the lineage of reggae royalty, the young artist aims to make the world a better place through mastering his musical craft. There is no pressure Yohan explains, “If there is any pressure, it only comes from the public or someone that may not understand the legacy. Remember I am like a bee doing what I love and what I am naturally born to do. I will leave all judgment to the public because without that I cannot grow.


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