New reggae music-inspired film designed for success

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Local video director/recording artiste Rohan ‘Federal’ Gracie is getting ready to release his reggae music-inspired movie called Designer Wine. The movie is the first for Federal, who has done other projects of a lesser magnitude, including music videos and small unreleased films in the past.

Designer Wine, set in sections of Portmore, dabbles in the culture of Jamaican music and dancing. Also featured in the movie is overseas-based recording artiste Dadre Coleman, who also does the title track of the same name. Coleman acts out a tale of passion, determination and vision, attributes which are often needed to be successful in the music industry.

The movie also features several aspiring actors.

According to Federal, who spoke of his fascination with the music industry, the movie will give viewers an insight into the struggles musicians face in achieving success in the business. He also says the movie will aid in the promotion of the single, Designer Wine.

“This movie will showcase the culture … a different angle of Jamaica. Some movies tend to focus on only the violence, but this is not like that. In every area, you have people who try to abuse the system, so we show a little of that, because whether you do music or have a corporate job, you will have to fight to achieve. This film will show the journey in achieving success. It’s kinda like the movie Dancehall Queen, with a more ‘rootsy’ kind of concept,” Federal told The Gleaner.

Federal also collaborated with Yard Beat to direct the film, and he says persons who have seen the preview have responded positively.

“People love wey dem see suh far because it attracts dem. But mi a keep dem in suspense, mi a hold back the release until I get the right time. I recently visited JAMPRO to discuss clearance to release the film, and we are taking it from there,” he said.

The self-taught director told The Gleaner that being versatile and multifaceted is the only way to survive in today’s society.


“The thing is, you will have struggle, but you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, because you don’t know which gate will open for you. I have been around a lot of artistes and producers, and I ask a lot of questions. It’s the same way I approach movie directing, I ask questions, and I also believe I have an inborn talent,” he said.

Councillor Alrick Campbell from the Edgewater division in Portmore, St Catherine, also makes a cameo in the film.

The director hopes to distribute the film locally, and is also looking to screen the effort at the upcoming Kingston Film Festival to be hosted by JAMPRO.

“This film is clean. No bad word nuh cuss inna it. So even the baby can watch it. If Carib doesn’t take it, all I will do is get some sponsorship and get a venue and screen it on my own. Persons have already sparked an interest,” he said.

Federal is also promoting singles Me A Follow Yu and More Love Inna Dem Heart. He also highlighted that his singles and film have already been copyrighted.

Designer Wine the movie is already copyrighted through JACAP. I have done my research, and I will be given a security number which will also be an inscription in the CDs, so that persons cannot steal my work. All artistes and directors should copyright their work, because I have done songs before which I have heard people singing,” he said.

Protagonist in the movie Designer Wine, Dadre Coleman, is expected to release a collaborative single in coming weeks featuring veteran deejay Frisco Kid called Don’t Hitch With My Love.


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