New Release from Chuck Foster DREADER DUB

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New Release from Chuck Foster

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Dub is the essence of reggae, stripped of the superfluous — like the prose of Dasheill Hammett or the Haiku. — so succinct —
no more need be said.

Without dub and version there would be no DJ style and this uniquely Jamaican form has led to innovations and permutations that resound in all forms of music today. Whether you crank it to full volume to catch each nuance or treat it as background music to get you through the day…dub is here to stay.

Chuck Foster’s name is well known in reggae circles around the globe.Author of two books on the music (with a third projected for this summer) he wrote the Reggae Update column for two decades for Beat Magazine and for the last ten years has penned the Readings and Reasonings column for Reggae Festival Guide.

He produced two various artist anthologies and released five previous dub and seven vocal albums on the
Catch Me Times imprint.

Host of Reggae Central on KPFK in L.A., he has been a mainstay of reggae radio in Southern California for over three decades.
Dreader Dub dubs up tracks from his most recent release Love Foundation. He and cohort Mike Irwin eschewed the vocals on this set and went straight to the heart of dub — drum and bass with effect-laden instruments flitting in and out of the mix on sturdy tracks utilizing the talents of a team of seasoned musicians including Rough Sounds’ Alberto Fernandez and multi-instrumentalist Mystery Man on guitars, Mike Irwin on bass, Studio One and Channel One stalwart Tony Bird on keys, Arise Roots’ Todd Johnson on trumpet, Lai Hee on percussion and drum tracks from UK’s Horseman.

Click here right now & give a listen.
See if this sturdy dub doesn’t make your day
a little more enjoyable!

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