NEW RELEASE: Hillz of Jamdung by Castafari

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NEW RELEASE: Hillz of Jamdung by Castafari

Producer /writer/artist Castafari along with Artist/Writer Journalist Bandoo collaborate on this smashing roots rock reggae record entitle Hillz of Jamdung, highlights the journey, struggles and a day in life of a Cannabis Farmer from one the most prominent Hills in Jamaica, many of our ancestors sacrifice their freedom, livelihood, lives and put it all on the line just to exercise their inherent right to use the Ganja as a cultural sacrament, medicine, and as healing resource; Jamaica’s’ own Peter Tosh along with many faceless advocates for the decriminalization and open access of Marijuana, operation under the shadow of the almighty while dealing with the shape shifters.
 Peace, clarity and serenity. These 3 motifs circulate throughout Castafari’s music, as he spreads his musical messages of motivation, inspiration and love. Today, the Jamaican-born, USA-based Reggae artist Castafari now finds his enrapturing vocal palette piercing through as the voice of truth and reason.
Castafari’s upbringing took place in Jamaica, with the natural and unfiltered nature of his environment now being reflected within his music. He has now been recording professionally since the 2000s, with dozens of singles and features, his eclectic approach to music ensuring that each production is unique, while still maintaining an ever present vibe of relatability throughout his catalogue. 
These talents have led to Castafari working with world-renowned saxophonist Dean Fraser, as well as landed him performances at Long Beach California’s Irie Reggae Festival, Maines’ Sugarloaf Music Festival and his own solo tour in Vietnam.
Next up for Castafari is the highly anticipated release of his single, ‘Hillz of Jamdung’ which premieres February 19th 2021.

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