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Monique Nikkole

New York based R&B singing sensation Monique Nikkole shows her Caribbean roots with the release of a Reggae remix single and music video of her hit song “Say Yes.”  The R&B original version has strong airplay on radio stations (including IHeart Radio) in recent months around the US and already racked up over 90,000 streams on Spotify in a shor amout of time.

The Reggae lover’s rock rooted remix of “Say Yes” is poised to climb the charts on its own merits.  The music video was shot amongst some of the great landmarks of Brooklyn where Monique Nikkole represented her Caribbean roots with her Bajan flag at the ready.

“It was very important to me that the Reggae remix was authentic.  It needed to reflect my roots…growing up in the Canarsie, East Flatbush (Brooklyn) area, also being a child growing up with a dad from down south and a Caribbean mom and grandparents.  I had the best of both worlds!  I want all sides represented in my music!” shares Monique Nikkole.

About Monique Nikkole:

Monique Nikkole started singing at the tender age of two.  No matter where she was, she was singing.  Monique would participate in local talent shows sporadically through her youth and also sang in school and church choirs. Monique took a hiatus from singing for a number of years because of the lack of support from her parents. Singing was viewed as a hobby not a career, so she put singing on the back burner and decided to listen to them, She pursued her education, and now works a respectable career as a law professional. Although she did listen to her parents she still had the burning desire to keep music in her life.

Monique Nikkole has owned three recording studios, two production companies, a music management company, a publishing company and film company. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial, business, and professional acumen, Monique Nikkole is a vocalist with a sincere interest in the music industry and has used her spare time to work with rising stars and artists seeking fame and entertainment fortune via her companies.  She has worked in multiple capacities within the music business but her true raw talent kept pushing to the surface and has finally erupted!  They say the best investment made is in you!  Here comes Monique Nikkole!

Her biggest musical influences are, Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, Sherlie Murdock, Meli’sa Morgan, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Gladys Knight and Pattie Labelle.  As you sit and listen to Monique sing, it takes you back to that feel good real deal R&B that’s missing in today’s music. Her spin on music is refreshing; her sound is a beautiful mix of raw soul music laced with a touch of satin! That’s the only way to describe the music that Monique creates !

Monique Nikkole‘s first single “Say Yes” has landed her commercial exposure at WBLS and numerous radio stations throughout the United States! She was chosen as artist of the month for 3 consecutive months on iHeart Radio!  Monique has accomplished all of this without being signed!

Monique continues to grace the stages throughout NYC!  She has performed on Franchise Record Poll TV and was interviewed by Mr. Excitement.  Monique has appeared as a guest and has performed on Dr. Bob Lee’s TV show Open; she was interviewed by Lenny Green and performed on the Quiet Storm Live Show.  She has performed at Milk River numerous times and has even had a sellout concert as the headliner with Lenny Green from WBLS as her host!  Monique Nikkole has performed at SOB’s and Just performed at WBLS Circle of Sisters at the Jacob Javits Center on September 30, 2017 along with an all-star lineup, including Tank, Demetria Mckinney, Estelle, Melanie Fiona, Hi Five and Sevyn Streeter.

When Monique Nikkole isn’t singing or writing she is at home with her family.  Monique is a married mother of two. Her family is EVERYTHING to her, home is definitely where her heart is.  Running is another huge part of her life. Monique takes fitness extremely seriously and has recently converted to a vegetarian lifestyle.  She has run multiple distance races including 25 half marathons within the last three and a half years. November 1, 2015, Monique joined less then %0.50 of the population and completed her 1st world major marathon! The TCS NYC Marathon! One of the toughest ones around!   Monique Nikkole completed her 2nd world major in October 9th 2016 when she completed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! She is truly every woman!

Monique Nikkole acknowledges the importance of integrity and professionalism, and she has affected the industry through a variety of mediums. Ultimately her goal is to take her dedication, creativity and tenacity back to the entertainment industry through song; to inspire and ignite; to show that with any and all endeavors, there’s an element of sacrifice, and that success is not a given nor guarantee, but a destination.

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