New Single from Ras Indio — “WARNING”

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Written by : David “Ras Indio” Obi & “Ras Nkrumah Obi”

The Obi Brothers Unite once again to bring you another Hardcore tune entitled :

This song has the same heavy roots reggae sound as their first collaboration track
“PLANT DI CORN” that can be found on youtube & all other streaming & downloading platforms.

Together through music, they continue to promote Justice & Equality for all mankind. “Warning” is an expression of these times we are now living in – defending the poor people who continually get taken advantage of, but are now tired of the situation & ready to make a stand for Positive Change.

It’s a Song to help uplift the poor, giving a sense of pride in this crazy world we are currently living in, whereby the people who are in Power continually take advantage of their positions to control the mass population.

It also brings historical awareness & educates about future Catastrophic events still to come in this lifetime.

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