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Asaph Records and Taub Talent are pleased to announce the 1st releases from Denroy Morgan & the Musical Camp for 2020! Reggae music has risin to declare the Glory of King Rastafari, it is the Gospel music of the Rastaman, and our goal when bringing you new music is to keep de King inna de ting!

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On 2/7/2020 the patriarch of the Grammy winning Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage, Denroy Morgan & the Black Eagles released, ”Holiday”,  the official anthem of the movement to declare His Imperial Majesty’s Coronation Day a UN International Day. This is the 1st single from the upcoming album Divine Destiny. Produced by Coozie Mellers of Anthem Reggae Band with Cover art designed by Limey Love Rasta HeartWork. This song takes us past the shortfalls of relgion, leading us from the Cross to the Throne by way of the path of salvation that has been trod out before us in the shared mission of the Lamb and the Lion, the Redeeming Messiah who they call Jesus Christ and the Restoring Messiah His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I JAH


From the young Rastaman in the camp, is another anthem based off “World Of Reggae” but this version brings it straight to the Root, to be clear, that as the boundaries of reggae are beginning to blur, Prince Negasi is taking a firm stance to remind you that he is in the fray to bring you pure roots and culture. Like our elder Denroy Morgan & our beloved Ascended Priest Akae Beka, his approach to making music is not for entertainment purposes but for the betterment of all God’s children. This single is available for preoder 2/7 and for purchase 2/14/2020 on all digital outlets. 

Be sure to catch Denroy Morgan and the Musical Camp on the Petition Launch Tour.


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