Ras Fraser Jr. “I Am Conscious”

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Ras Fraser Jr.
“I Am Conscious”
New Video
Rastafarian roots reggae artist Ras Fraser Jr. resurfaces with even more messages of revolution through
self-actualization in this world video premiere for
“I Am Conscious!”
The single, previously released via Rebel Sound Records,
paves the way towards the artist’s upcoming full-length album
of the same name to be released some time
next year.
With sweet harmonies and encouraging lyrics, “I Am Conscious” has one ambition — to set listeners free. We might be disenfranchised, down on our luck or dedicating our lives to insignificance… but all of that is tenfold worse if we doubt ourselves and our potential. Confidence is truly the key
to enlightenment.
Anything is possible if we believe in ourselves.
In the new video by VOTC Promo, Ras Fraser Jr. positions himself as a blue-collar mechanic, grinding away the workday
and dreaming of a better existence; this, of course, is juxtaposed with footage of Fraser ‘evolved’, immersed in nature and wearing all white. The key to success is simply to open one’s mind. Yet,
we are all human. Fraser acknowledges this by calling out a
higher power to guide us to salvation in times of doubt, chanting “teachings of His majesty would never lead us wrong”.
It all boils down to belief.
With the rest of the album on the horizon in 2023,
Ras Fraser Jr. remains an inspiration to us all.
The principles that he spells out in song are applicable to everyone and, moreover, essential ingredients for happiness and prosperity. We are all living in an oppressive state, whether we realize it or not.
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(Write up and review By Kristy Rose of Top Shelf Music)