Ras Indio :: “Legalize It”

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Ras Indio

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Credits :

Music Produced by – All Clear Productions

Mixed & Mastered by: Tom Khare in Hollywood, Ca

Written by – Ras Indio

Background Vocals – Deandra “Destiny” Arthurs

Guitars – Tom Khare “

Video Produced & Edited by – Top Gwap Films – Los Angeles, California

Directed by – David ” Ras Indio ” Obi

This video was filmed in the northern California Hills & Los Angeles, California The song is a smooth laid back beat with very progressive lyrics advocating the use of Marijuana as a healing and not just something we smoke to get high. It expresses the fact that it is now being legalized in different places all over the world that had banned the use of herbs for many years. Now that these same countries have now found out more about the positive benefits and have released the bondage on this amazing plant he expresses the need for the same freedom within his own country Belize where the laws have not been changed quite as yet. He believes its only a matter of time before the whole world realizes how important this plant is to us all.


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