Rasta Stevie’s cancer treatment fund

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Please join my campaign to save my life by donating today. Or if you don’t have extra money, please share with everyone you can, on fb insta text email call. Ten shares becomes 100 fold in power. I am so honored and overwhelmed by the support. The $$$ is great, $12800+ in less than 48 hours!!! But what has really got me is the comments in the posts/reposts. Seriously, these accolades and out pouring of love usually come only after one dies, and the honoree never hears this kind of love and support. I feel so loved and honored, my healing has turbo rocketed thru all y’alls out pouring.

Greatest days ever are now and tomorrow. Dont wait till you miss someone to tell them how much you love them and how much they have influenced you and how much you apprecialove them. JAH time is NOW. I “used” to be a way better giver. I drew this cancer to me to embrace the art of receiving, I’m getting this on lock, DREADLOCKED!!!! Thank you all. Keep sharing my gofundme and keep sharing the raspect in all your doings to everyone everytime!!!



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